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It may have been a gray and rainy Wednesday outside when Ashley and I made our way to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab, but inside, everything was coming up lipstick!


DSC_0443 DSC_0442

I need to take a minute and talk about how obsessed I have grown with Bite Beauty. Upon reorganizing my lipsticks, I realized that I am slowly but surely amassing the entirety of Bite’s permanent collection, and they are just as slowly but just as surely squeezing out all my other lipsticks in frequency of use. I also use their Line and Define Lip Primer, which keeps my lipstick on forever and ever. The Toronto-based company creates its lip products from food-grade ingredients, and each lipstick contains the amount of Resveratrol, the antioxidant found in red wine, found in five glasses of wine.  Gorgeous color, gorgeous wearing, gorgeous feeling, AND good for you. Can you understand why I’m obsessed?!

Moving along, I cannot tell you the number of times in my life I have seen a color, whether it be in an ad, in a magazine, or on a piece of clothing, and thought, “God, that would make a gorgeous lipstick, I wish I could have one made in that color!” I even once brought a flannel shirt with me to Macy’s because I adored one of the colors in the plaid, and I tried to find one at the many makeup counters that was similar. So when I read that Bite Beauty was opening their pop-up Lip Lab, I knew it was somewhere I needed to visit. (And revisit. Full disclosure: I’ve now been there three times. It is ADDICTIVE.) The deal is this: A lipstick specialist will sit down with you and work with you to custom blend the perfect color for you, whatever it is you’re looking for. (You can also purchase from their permanent line, pictured above, without sitting with a specialist.) And the cost is only $28. A bargain in the beauty industry for customization!

This proved just the thing when Ashley broke her beloved Betsey Johnson glasses. So I told her if she couldn’t fix them or replace them, we should get a lipstick made to match them, and then she’d still have that pop of color on her face.

DSC_0439The challenge.

We brought in her frames and presented our lovely specialist, Sophie, with the challenge. And she went to work!



DSC_0445The lovely Ashley before.


DSC_0447The magic happening.

DSC_0448Seeing how that worked.

DSC_0451And it’s kind of perfect!!


DSC_0453Look at that perfect face.

DSC_0455Next step is to take the appropriate color bullets to mix up.

DSC_0472Seriously, they look like candy. Definitely good enough to eat!

DSC_0457Sophie prepares for surgery.

DSC_0470The colors are melted for a few seconds, and then your choice of four fragrances is added (violet, superfruit, mint, or cherry).

DSC_0461Because we asked for it to be made matte, Sophie added some silica powder.

DSC_0463It then goes into a centrifuge so all that amazing goodness can be mixed up.

DSC_0464The liquefied lipstick is then poured into a mold.

DSC_0465And then frozen into form.

DSC_0468It’s almost ready!

DSC_0474Once removed, the excess is shaved off, and the tricky part begins!

DSC_0475The lipstick bullets are unlocked from the stocks…

DSC_0476And carefully…


DSC_0479Oh so carefully…

DSC_0478Placed into the tube! Like magic!

DSC_0481And then boxed up into a personalized box.

DSC_0482And it even comes in its own teeny bag. Trop adorable!

DSC_0473Ashley is so pleased with hers, she’s glowing!

DSC_0460I loved the color so much, I got one, too. 🙂

More scenes from the lab…





Just two notes of warning: The lip lab now operates on a reservation basis, so make sure to call ahead (unless you already know the combination you want; in that case, they can mix it up for you and have it ready for you). They’re also going to be closing in late September and renovating the store so that it’s bigger. More room for lipstick goodness to go around! And if you’re anything like me, you’ll keep coming back for more!

Bite Beauty Lip Lab, 174 Prince Street, NYC, open from 11 AM – 7 PM, Tuesday-Saturday, 11 AM – 5PM Sunday. 646-484-6111

(Please note: All photos are mine. Please do not use without permission.)

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