As a means of coping with the almost-constant wanderlust I’m consumed with, I decided to immerse myself in some of the wonderful things living in NY has to offer. I was born in Brooklyn, raised in Brooklyn, and still live in Brooklyn. Yet, somehow, I had never walked across the Brooklyn Bridge until last Sunday.

I’d walked across the other two Manhattan/Brooklyn bridges before, out of necessity, though. (The Williamsburg Bridge on 9/11, and the Manhattan Bridge during the blackout of August 2003.)

Don’t get me wrong. I’d always meant to. I mean, it’s my favorite bridge in the world (so far). And it’s in my city. But it’s just like all the other things you don’t do in your own city that are kind of touristy. You just don’t get around to it. And I have a mental list of things to do with friends visiting from overseas, and it was always on the list, but the friends visiting never materialized. And so the bridge went unwalked.

The entire day was a NYC love affair, actually. It started off at Lincoln Center, where my friend Rose and I waited in line for and procured tickets to the live streaming event of the Metropolitan Opera’s opening night performance of Eugene Onegin.

This was followed by a trip down to Smithfield to meet friends and watch our boys play.

IMG_20130922_131750I pulled a Clark Kent for the occasion and donned my uniform.

IMG_20130922_131955Of course Xabi came along.

After Los Blancos proved victorious, we made a quick stop at the Stumptown cafe at the Ace Hotel for the best coffee anywhere to revive us, and headed off on the rest of our adventure.

DSC_0646-2I love how even getting off at the Brooklyn Bridge stop sets the scene for the beauty you’re going to see with this magnificent entryway.

We couldn’t have chosen a better day weather-wise to do it. The sky was a beautiful cerulean blue, with enough clouds to make it interesting, and the sun was shining. Stopping every few feet to take photos, I knew I was going to have a lot of fun playing around with some HDR shots and Snapseed. But even the straight-from-the-camera shots look like they were amped up, the day was so beautiful.

DSC_0651A glimpse of the ships at South Street Seaport.

Unfortunately, this also meant that a million other people were there, having had the same grand idea, so getting photos was a bit frustrating. But I think the trick is to just incorporate random strangers into your photos, and you wind up with stolen moments that tell whatever story you want.

DSC_0654‘Look, Ma! No hands!’

DSC_0660‘I think that girl was checking out my ass…’

Also, I know that upkeep of old bridges is very, very important, but white tarp over most of the walkway really ruins photos. Sigh. Well, this means I’ll just have to make sure to do it at least once more when the construction/upkeep is complete, n’est-ce pas?



I’m only an amateur photographer, but I’m a big enthusiast, and I’m obsessed with anything geometric. Lines, angles. So the criss-crossing of the support wires were mesmerizing to me. Also, woah, beautiful arches.


DSC_0677_8_9_tonemappedThis one is a subtle HDR shot.


DSC_0683The Brooklyn tower was completed in May 1875.

DSC_0684I’ve only been taking a 35mm lens with me, so it makes fitting things in a challenge. But it’s part of the fun.




DSC_0697The famous Watchtower sign, which may soon be gone…?

IMG_20130923_111535Easier to get photos of the bridge than us ON the bridge.


DSC_0708Oh, hey, they do this on the bridges in Paris. Only, it makes sense on that kind of bridge. Maybe people would steal the light fixtures otherwise?’


DSC_0717-snapDoomed youth


DSC_0728-snapSome love for the Manhattan Bridge, and some tall building or other… 😉


DSC_0753This is called making it work for you.

DSC_0754They’re going my way.

DSC_0764-snapOne of my favorites of the day. I’m glad I turned around!

DSC_0765-snapWorlds collide


DSC_0769-snapI tried to stealthily get them posing, but I’m not that stealth. 🙁

DSC_0772Best neighborhood acronym ever, y/y?
(“Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass,” for the uninitiated.)

Despite the fact that it must have taken us a couple of hours at least to make our way across with all the distractions, we decided to head down into Dumbo and walk around. I very rarely walk through this part of Brooklyn, but I should. It feels hidden and magical, even when it’s swarmed with people enjoying the weather.


DSC_0781-snapIt’s like they planned that alignment.
(I wish I was better with Photoshop so I could have darkened the Empire State Building for emphasis.)

DSC_0783-2-snapBig bridge, little person

DSC_0788-snapJ’adore old cobblestone streets.

DSC_0789-snapSpeak of the devil. (The Manhattan Bridge, that is.)



DSC_0796It’s kind of fitting that that couple was taking their engagement photos there, because I want to marry this picture.

DSC_0799What passes for a beach on this side of Brooklyn. *feels superior*

DSC_0809As if the bridge isn’t magical enough, they have a carousel in the park!


DSC_0815Moving along, I found Waldo. He’s a watertower in Brooklyn.

DSC_0821Sad to be walking away, subway- and home-bound.

DSC_0823But Brooklyn Heights had a few more gems up its sleeve. 🙂


DSC_0825Finally back in my ‘hood. “Real” Brooklyn. It can still clean up okay. 🙂

The next day continued the New York City magic, with the live stream of the opera we got tickets to. There were many, many, many people wearing very, very, very pretty gowns. Apparently there were many celebrities INSIDE the building watching the same thing as us. I didn’t notice any of them going in, though. Still, it was super fun to people watch and wonder what it takes to become a society person and get an invitation to the opening night at the Opera and get to wear a gorgeous gown, too!

IMG_20130923_183122At least our seats were awesome. And did I mention it was free?

And that was my LAST weekend. A perfect NYC weekend. What did you all get up to this weekend?

(Please note: All photos are mine. Please do not use without permission.)

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