Number 4 already?! Time really does fly!

As I mentioned, on Friday, during our day of fun in the West Village, I was struck dumb and unable to move on, captivated by a hat in the window of Goorin Bros. I knew that if I went in and tried it on, I would fall in love. But I could not make myself walk away.

So, in I walked. Meet my new spirit animal hat, Jessica Rogers:

105-5587-RED-L01 I took a photo in it, but it came out hideous, so this is courtesy of the Goorin Bros. site.

Have you ever seen anything so divine?! I’m obviously a fan of most things retro, but this hat is just perfection. Look at that gorgeous cherry red. LOOK AT THE POLKA DOTS. And it’s only $65, which is actually really affordable for a hat like this, if you’re not unemployed.  (I’m a huge fan of milliners, but they are usually waaaaaay pricey.)

I tried it on and I felt like this:

105-5587-RED-MF01Again, photo courtesy of the Goorin Bros. site.

The shop is actually stacked from top to bottom with amazing hats, so if a cloche isn’t your thing, you have plenty to choose from. (Rose tried this one on. And for the record, I also totally want this one. That teal is to die for! ) They have locations in several states and a couple in Canada, but obviously there is always their handy dandy (really beautifully designed) web site (where I am creating my wishlist as soon as I finish typing this!)

But if I see you walking down the street in my Jessica Rogers, this is WAR.

What are your favorite hats? What are you wishing for this week?

6 comments on “Wishlist Wednesday #4”

  1. My friend Penny is a milliner!

    From the looks of it, I think she probably makes a lot of hats that are your style. Not sure about the regular price range but I saw something on the FB page about sample sales starting at $20.

    $65 is a really great price for that beautiful hat you are in love with! I thought you were going to say it's like $200+ or something.

    • Oh, cool! Thanks for linking me! I'll have to keep an eye out, especially for the sample sales. 🙂

      No, this one, unlike my other spirit animal hat, is quite affordable. I just can't be spending money like that right now on things I don't need but just really, really, really, badly want.

  2. I love this hat a lot. I bet I could find a similar cloche pattern and get the wool on knitpicks! And just go to the the fabric district for the ribbon and button.

    • I know, you have a point. I have bookmarked practically every cloche pattern on Ravelry, but even a felted hat doesn't have the same structure as a wool hat. Also, this way I don't have to spend months making it. 😉 But it's definitely a consideration!

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