Things on the homefront lately have been a bit frustrating and less than thrilling in the personal and job-hunting departments. So yesterday I decided that instead of wallowing at home in my sad, unemployed, broke state (and, worse, looking online and finding more things I want!), I would take a field trip to Barneys so that I could at least play with some of the items I’ve been coveting in person. The next best thing to retail therapy is window shopping (and I’ve spoken of my love for the French term for it, faire du lèche-vitrine), and window shopping doesn’t hurt, right? (Until you fall in love with something and have to walk away…)

Naturally, my first stop was at the Surratt counter to see the goodies I’ve been lusting after firsthand. I had a demonstration of the Autographique liner, and the calligraphy-like mechanism, and I have to say, it looks so amazing, it almost did break my heart to walk away from it. The eyeshadows felt buttery soft on my fingers, but I didn’t actually try any of them on. Yet. I’ll save something for a different day.

I did make sure, however, to seek out the Automatique Lip Crayon in Alluring. I also was struck by the Automatique Lip Crayon in Mégalomane. To anyone who is familiar with MAC’s Ruby Woo and Russian Red and the differences between the two, Alluring and Mégalomane are the Surratt counterparts. Alluring is the brighter, lighter sister, like Ruby Woo, and Mégalomane is the deeper, more classic Hollywood red, like Russian Red.

Unlike Ruby Woo, though, and even MAC’s other matte lipsticks, these felt sublime on. The application and feel and wear is truly extraordinary. They go on completely matte, but you don’t feel a thing on your lips. They are not dry, they do not tug on your lips. I did not get a chance to see how long they wear, but I am in love enough to know that I need both in my life. (I actually did an experiment to try and help me pick just one: I put one on half my mouth and one the other half, and kept moving my hand from side to side to try and figure out which color I like better. But I’m not picking. You can’t make me.)

I would really love to try more of the line at some point, so a return visit is entirely necessary.

My next and last stop (I can only tempt myself so much!) was at the MAKE counter. A friend had told me that she heard their Silk Cream Lipstick in Scarlet was the holy grail red, and I had to find out. Despite just trying on 2 red lipsticks. (You have to be dedicated to the mission!) Buying in person, MAKE donates 10% of retail sales to the nonprofit organization We See Beauty Foundation (even more when you buy from them directly), which benefits women-run, worker-owned cooperative businesses.

At the MAKE counter, I was helped by the gorgeous and adorable Kimberly who also has a blog and who also has my Rebecca Minkoff Colin Camera Bag! I hope to come back a different time and have her do my face, because her makeup looked amazing.

The Scarlet is a lot more orange leaning than I was expecting, but it really brightened up my face. I used to be certain I could only wear orange-leaning reds, and then suddenly I realized I have pink in my face and blue-toned ones look good as well. Besides for the shade, I’m always on the fence about whether I like my red lipstick to be creamy or matte, and this was definitely on the creamier side (although it seems they have a matte version as well). I’m wearing it in the photos below. Let me know what you think!




I was also completely captivated by the gorgeous bright pops of color of the MAKE eyeshadows. I’ve been primarily doing bright lips, neutral eyes, and winged liner lately, but they colors were tempting me back to doing brighter eye shadow looks. I was told that they are made with a primer built in, and as someone with oily skin who always needs a primer, I would love to do a test! I will definitely have to go back again and really try out a new look with them.

DSC_1036Macarons, but of course. 😉 A luxury I CAN afford, and after how good I was, a stop for a treat was essential!

What kind of red do you like, creamy or matte? What do you think of the color I’m wearing? What new makeup brands have you discovered lately?

13 comments on “Faire du lèche-vitrine”

  1. That orange red looks va-va-voom on you – just gorgeous. I have been devouring some you toube videos and tried some fun dupes for high end product that actually work so well …
    I'd never believed if I did not try myself 🙂

    • Okay, great, thank you! I was a little on the fence. I wasn't sure. I need affirmation. 😉

      I'm sure there are prefect dupes. I don't know why I always just prefer to spend more money, ha. What are the best ones you've found? At least I can maybe afford some of those!

  2. Like some of the Revlon lip products and if you use eye shadow the Wet'n Wild shadows have a quite amazing pigmentation and with primer they stay put all day. Ordered some more stuff so will report back more later 🙂

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