As I mentioned, I saw Franz Ferdinand on Tuesday night. My experience, in short.


1. I may like some songs more than others, but they are always so much fun. I always know what to expect from them; they haven’t developed into something unrecognizable from what they started as (unlike Arctic Monkeys). Some may say it’s a lack of development, but I just think it’s knowing what you do best and knowing your audience.


2. Franz Ferdinand have had swagger from the first. Alex Kapranos may be a whip of a man, but he pulls it off. Take note of that, Alex Turner.


3. I do not understand why Paul Thompson is not regularly listed among the best drummers in the world. THE MAN FREAKING PLAYS THE DRUMS WITH A TAMBOURINE DURING “OUTSIDERS.” He’s definitely on my list. Too bad you can barely see him all show!

I also have some videos on my Instagram. Are you following me?

What shows have you been to lately? Which has been your favorite?

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