Je suis tellement, tellement désolé, mais je suis trop fatigué pour écrire aujourd’hui à propos de ma mini virée en voiture. Demain ou dimanche, je l’espère. Aujourd’hui, je vais écrire au sujet de la poursuite de ma recherche pour le rouge à lèvres rouge parfait.

I know I promised photos and the tale of my mini road trip to Shelter Island, but I’m just too tired. I saw Frightened Rabbit last night, for the conclusion of Scotland Week in New York, and I got home super late. (I have some video on my Instagram, if you’re interested!) There was just no time to go through all the photos. Tomorrow or Sunday, I hope.

In the meantime, I had the chance yesterday before the show to go into Bloomingdales in SoHo and try on some more red lipsticks I’ve read about recently. I am on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick, and I will leave no stone unturned!

First up is the legendary Cherry Lush by Tom Ford. This color has cult status, and is purported to be the perfect red. Of course I had to try it on!

P1000041I look so unhappy. I’m not, I promise!

Rose told me she thought it was too pink. In the store, I couldn’t tell anything. The lighting in there is so awful. So I stepped outside into the daylight and pulled out my compact mirror to look, and snapped a photo. I only had my point and shoot with me, so I apologize for the photos not being as high quality as usual.

I really liked the color in the mirror, but in the photo, I agree, it’s a very pink-leaning red. Not the best color for me, sadly, cult product or no.

Next up is a color one of the makeup artists in the Space.NK.apothecary section recommended I try on. It’s By Terry, a wonderful, lush French brand, Rouge Terrybly in 201 Terrific Rouge.

P1000043I blame it on being a selfie, I don’t even know what that expression is!

Rose really liked this one on me, and again, I couldn’t tell a thing in the store, so outside I went! And I really loved it in the mirror, and I love it in this photo, as well.

I have a By Terry lipstick from a trip to Paris a few years ago, because I had read about the brand and how finely made it is. The lipstick wears like a dream, and I’m sure this one wouldn’t be any different. I just hesitated because (well, money, but also because) it’s not matte, and I’m unsure how I feel about another non-matte red lipstick.

(And I’m unsure if somewhere deep down I consider my perfect red to be matte or not. Because what if I find the perfect shade, but it’s not a matte formulation?!)

I couldn’t believe how different the colors looked inside the store compared with how it looked in the daylight. It’s so important to check before making a decision. LADIES, SERIOUSLY, LISTEN TO ME: Do not be afraid to say to the makeup artist/sales assistant, “I’ll be right back, I want to see how this looks outside.” Rose and I were looking at lipsticks and passed by a gorgeous red because it looked BROWN under the store lighting. And I tried on a couple of colors that looked brown on me in the store lighting, but when I went outside, they transformed. Seriously, go look at yourselves outside before you commit. Don’t be embarrassed. It’s your money, after all!

Okay, that said, what do you think? Do you like either of these? And do you like them better or worse than the MAKE lipstick I tried on the other day? Do you think there even is a perfect red color, or am I chasing a dream? (Maybe there is only the perfect red for a specific occasion or mood?)

14 comments on “The search for the perfect red continues”

  1. Trying MAC Russian Red is on my list of things to do.

    I prefer a little shine in my lipstick, rather than matte. Why do you prefer matte for reds? Just curious 🙂

    • Russian Red is amazing. It really is. But it's a little flat for me. And I can even see it in my swatch book. Also, there is something about the MAC matte formula that I don't adore, the way it wears off. Despite loving several of my MAC matte colors.

      I'm not even sure why. I think because red is such an attention-grabbing color on its own, it's like the way for it to be a little more understated to not be shiny as well. But I do really like some non-matte colors, too. I'm torn!

  2. Also, I think the By Terry one really looks great on you. That said, I do have a leetle bit of trouble telling the difference between some of the reds you have tried. In general, you look great in hot pink and red lipsticks!

    • It was so frustrating! Luckily the door in that store is close by to the makeup counters! Thank you, I really like it. I will have to go back and get it. 🙂

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