Salut tout le monde! Hi everyone! To prevent you from photo overload, I’m going to split my road trip recap into 2. Today, we start at the beginning.

The great paradox of being unemployed is that you finally have time to travel to your heart’s content, but you no longer have the money. But when Rose suggested we take advantage of a deal for a night’s stay on Shelter Island, I jumped at the chance to get off my couch and get in a car. (I didn’t even know where it was; I didn’t actually care.) Road trips are about the only kind of travel I can afford right now, and it’s such a beautiful time of year to be traveling, with all the fall foliage.

We got a little bit later of a start than we had planned, but we lucked out with the traffic. She picked me up in Brooklyn and we headed out to Long Island. Of course, us being us, there was going to be some kind of detour. That day’s was for a bathroom stop at an outlet mall, where we saw they had one of the cosmetics outlet stores. Of course we had to stop. Rose got the burgundy lipstick she had been craving for fall, so it worked out pretty well.

Back on the road, we were headed for the city of Greenport, where we would get the ferry over to Shelter Island. We only had one time constraint: We had to find a place to watch the Real Madrid match by the latest 2:45. We beat that time by a great deal, getting to Greenport before 1 pm. Good thing, since this gave us time to walk around the tiny, quaint, seaside town. It was a grey, overcast, drizzly day, but it was still an adventure.

DSC_1055It’s so cute!

DSC_1056Soooo old town USA!




DSC_1061So gorgeous

DSC_1062The oldest family-owned restaurant in the US!

DSC_1063It doesn’t have “port” in its name for nothing!

DSC_1064Do you prefer this version or my Instagram one?

DSC_1065Ahoy there, Shelter Island!



20131023_130126_1From my Instagram




You could tell that we were there off-season, because it was pretty deserted and a lot of shops were closed. You could tell it would be even more adorable during the summer when everything was open. Also, when the weather was better.

But it didn’t matter for our purposes. We found a place to watch our match, and we settled in.

DSC_1057The people here were so nice. They turned on the match for us as soon as we asked, even though it wasn’t on yet.

DSC_1074Pumpkin Ale with cinnamon and sugar…mmmmmmmm (I want more!)

20131023_154101_1NATURALLY Xabi was with us for the trip. He was brought out for good luck. Which we really needed.

The match over, our team victorious in less than impressive fashion (but we still won, that’s what counts?), we were on our way. We drove onto the ferry, and couldn’t have timed it better, because guess what? The sun started to come out. 🙂




DSC_1081Same day, just other side of the boat!



DSC_1084I just couldn’t stop photographing this! It was so pretty!

DSC_1086I’m on a boat!

DSC_1087All the photos like these are unedited, by the way! It just looked like this!

Stay tuned for part 2 of the road trip recap, where we actually make it to Shelter Island! What kind of trips do you like to take?

6 comments on “Une mini virée en voiture d’octobre 2013—Part I”

  1. So fun!! I love exploring cute little towns, especially in off-season – no need to battle with crowds. That beer looks DIVINE, by the way. Looking forward to part two!

    • It was a lot of fun! There wasn't too much to see, but the desertedness added to its charm. The beer was DELICIOUS. I especially love it when they do it with cinnamon and sugar, such a nice touch!

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