Where last I left you, the sky looked like this:



DSC_1092We were on a ferry, heading here:

DSC_1090Ahoy, Shelter Island!

After a grey and rainy day in Greenport and after Real Madrid had won, we made our way onto the ferry and headed over to Shelter Island. Our destination was La Maison Blanche, an adorable looking Bed & Breakfast.

DSC_1093Nestled into the most glorious foliage! And how fitting it had a French name. 🙂

DSC_1094So cute and innocent looking!

We should have known things would get interesting when we walked in and found a sign at the front desk indicating it was closed.


The place was adorable inside, but there was no one there. On the front desk was an envelope waiting for us with our room key, a note, and some information about which restaurants were open (since it was the off-season).

20131024_104432_1Some things available to purchase in the room. They had all their bases covered.

But, you know, we didn’t think anything of it. We decided to get back in the car and explore while we still had daylight.

DSC_1096The house next door.


DSC_1098We found our way to the beach, just in time.


DSC_1100These photos are unedited, by the way!

DSC_1102How gorgeous are those colors?! I love autumn!

DSC_1103Apparently going out on the beach was private property, but that guy went fishing. He kept looking around.





DSC_1115Communing with nature.


DSC_1117I know, I know, but I just couldn’t stop taking photos of it! No editing!!

DSC_1118No lifeguard on duty? No kidding!



We finally tore ourselves away from the bewitching and hypnotizing sunset to travel more around the island. We went down a road labeled “Dead End” and found a gorgeous little inlet and this 9/11 memorial…rock.






We finally made our way back to our hotel…to find it still completely empty. Completely empty. There was not another soul in the entire place. And the hallway looked like this. It was like The Shining!!

DSC_1128Tell me you would not have been creeped out! Look at Tell me you would not have been creeped out! Look at the resemblance!

DSC_1157Xabi tried to scare me a little.

We began to explore the rest of the hotel and realized how truly and completely alone we were. There were minimal lights on, so most of the place was dark.

DSC_1130What kind of emergencies are you expecting?!?!




DSC_1165Xabi was creeped out, too!

There is an attached restaurant to the hotel that was deserted as well. We opened it up and turned on some lights so we could eat dinner there. The restaurant had a bar. That we had complete access to. I don’t know if the owners knew how lucky they were that we were honest. We did not touch a bit. But we really should have! How could they leave the bar open with no one there and strangers staying?!

DSC_1155We should have been “Cointreauversial” and helped ourselves to booze!


DSC_1154In the midst of our exploring and scaring ourselves, I stopped to admire the decor.

DSC_1138No one home.

DSC_1140The only lights on were the ones we found to turn on.


DSC_1145There was a pétanque course right outside our bedroom.

DSC_1146We were convinced that someone was going to murder us in the night with the pétanque balls.

20131023_201900_1I wasn’t scared at all.

While roaming the hotel, scaring ourselves silly, we discovered that we LITERALLY were the only guests in the hotel. And all the other rooms were unlocked. Our room had a full bed and a sofa bed that had been made up, so they clearly knew that 2 people were staying. ALL THE OTHER GUEST ROOMS WERE EMPTY. THEY COULDN’T EVEN UPGRADE US SO THAT WE COULD BOTH SLEEP ON A REAL BED. I STILL CAN’T GET OVER IT.

Understandably, I slept poorly that night. I had several nightmares (I am not usually this suggestible!), and wondered briefly if the house was haunted, to explain why people kept appearing in my dreams and I kept thinking someone was in our room, despite it being double locked from the inside. Ironically, I just discovered this. So, who knows. Maybe it is. :p

The next morning, I woke up and attempted to shower. It was 39ºF and I waited and waited and waited for the water to get hot. It never did. (I was totally wrong about how they were going to murder us. It was going to be with hypothermia!!)

We came downstairs and found coffee and pastries waiting for us, as promised, but still no live person. We ate our breakfast in the restaurant area again, then went back upstairs to get our bags. (And, no, I did not steal Rose’s Bioderma!) I had just come down the stairs with mine when…OUT WALKED A WOMAN. A real live person. Who worked in the hotel. Just in time, because we were about to drive off without signing anything.

We took a minute to take some photos in the daylight and remind ourselves of how benign the place was. Maybe.

DSC_1167It looks so different in the daylight…

DSC_1169We discovered the porch swing too late!

DSC_1171Playing with the pétanque balls.

DSC_1173Or was that all I was doing?!

DSC_1175After this, Rose made me stop, mwahahaha.

DSC_1177Nothing scary there…


DSC_1179Our road to freedom!

DSC_1180Bye bye creepy Shining hotel!

We decided to take the ferry on the other side of the island for a different adventure on our drive home. We were a lot more fortunate with the weather that day.




DSC_1186Me and Xabi on a boat.


DSC_1191Bye bye, Shelter Island!


DSC_1196Land ho!

We decided our first drive-through town was going to be Sag Harbor. I became obsessed with the trees that looked like this. We almost got into an accident looking at some by a roundabout. Luckily, we found more where I could actually pull over and take photos!


20131024_112641_1This one was Snapseeded and Instagrammed.


DSC_1201How cute and quaint!

DSC_1202Yeah, you know, the information center was a windmill, no big.

DSC_1203It’s not called harbor for nothing!

DSC_1204I love how run down this look, in comparison to the rest of the place.

Rose has been on a Places That Rich and WASP-y People Frequent kick lately, taking me through Greenwich, CT on our mini road trip last month, and stopping at Newport, RI on her way back from a wedding last weekend. So we HAD to stop in the Hamptons somewhere. Neither of us has ever been. So we chose Southampton, because it’s the toniest, daaaahling.

DSC_1207Xabi felt quite at home in Southampton.

DSC_1208This was a silversmith workshop. Naturally.


DSC_1210We decided we had to stop at one place we knew all the famous people went, and a bakery was all we could afford!

DSC_1211But it was really pretty!

Done pretending that we were rich and privileged, we got back in the car and headed back to the city. Because Rose is a darling, she actually drove me to Brooklyn so I could drop my bags off at my house and not leave them in her car and take them home on the subway later. She got to cross a bucket list item off her list by having pizza at Di Fara’s, at least!

We headed into the city and fooled around at Bloomingdales for a while. Then hoofed it to Goorin Bros so she could buy a hat (I still have not had money for mine 🙁 ), and then we walked crosstown and caught another sunset, NYC style. 🙂

IMG_20131024_183630From Instagram

We met up with friends before the Frightened Rabbit show. Which rocked. Hard.

IMG_20131024_202637From Instagram

I have video on my Instagram, and I totally recommend checking them out!

And that’s it for this month’s adventure! I really hope we get to keep this up and have another in December!

What are your favorite mini getaways? Do you have any trips planned?

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12 comments on “Une mini virée en voiture d’octobre 2013—Part II”

  1. How do I love this post? Let me count the ways:

    1. Gorgeous fall foliage
    2. Creepy hotel
    3. Adorable quaint seaside town
    4. Creepy hotel
    5. Beautiful beach landscape photos
    6. Creepy hotel
    7. Reminder that you don't have to go too far from home to have great adventures and explore places you've never been to before.
    8. Creepy hotel

    Rose sounds very cool. How did you meet her? (Please forgive me if you told me already and I forgot.) Also, is she currently employed? Because it seems to be working out very well that she is available to go on these outings with you.

    Matthew has stayed at La Maison Blanche btw, although not during the spooky off-season 🙂 So Shelter Island and La Maison Blanche are now on my list of getaways I would like to do. Just curious – how much was the rate for the off-season?

    • Ha, I KNEW you would love the creepy hotel story. 🙂 It was a lot of fun, and really nice to be somewhere that felt so different, but really didn't take very long at all to get to. And it was definitely affordable, though I shouldn't be spending ANY money right now. But I needed it for my mental health.

      I have not told you, so no worries! We met through the Real Madrid LiveJournal group. I always liked her posts, and then saw she mentioned she was going to be at the Spain match back in June, so I suggested we meet up, and the rest is history! We're like kindred spirits. Not only do we support the same team and even have the same favorite player, we have similar tastes in music, we are both makeup addicts and shopaholics, and we both want to travel to the same places. Thank you, internet! She IS employed, but she has certain days off because she works on Sundays usually, and she had that whole week off. 🙂

      That's so funny! It's probably SO nice in the summer, but it was creepy as all get out. It was only $105 + taxes for the night, and I know that's probably why they didn't upgrade us, BUT OMG THERE WAS NO ONE ELSE THERE. We considered sleeping in another room (or using one of the Jacuzzi tubs) because NO ONE WOULD EVEN KNOW.

  2. Speaking of being suggestible and sleeping badly in hotel rooms, your story reminds me of two specific nights in a trip to England I took with my friend Aliza some years ago. The first uncomfortable night was in a bed and breakfast in Golders Green, in an Edwardian period building. We both felt very uncomfortable there, but I chalked it up to the woman who was running the hotel who was kind of mean to us and made us feel shitty when we were checking in. One or two nights later, we wound up moving to a kosher b&b a block away (yes, really a kosher b&b, although it was Golders Green, so I guess that's not too outlandish), also in Edwardian period building. The proprietress of the other b&b was not pleased when we canceled the rest of our reservation (we were supposed to be there for a little more than a week.)

    Anyway, the mood in the kosher b&b was much more comfortable for us, and we were glad to be there. Also, it was like being in Israel and England at the same time, which was pretty darn amusing.

    Then, we went to Hampton Court Palace, and of course we toured the Haunted Gallery, supposedly haunted by Catherine Howard, and when we went back after our tour was over, and there were fewer people around and it was later in the day, Aliza said she could feel Catherine's presence. I didn't feel anything, because much as I love ghost stories, I seem to not be tuned in that frequency to actually sense ghosts. But I do have a very active imagination!!

    As it got closer to closing time, the whole place got creepier, and the ladies' restroom was in a sort of enclosed walkway area, that was rather dark, and since it was the end of the day, there was less light from outside and it was pretty creepy. I realized that I would definitely not want to tour Hampton Court Palace at night. TOO SPOOKY. I'm getting goosebumps right now just thinking about it!

    That night, we both had a terrible time sleeping, we both kept waking up and telling each other we were scared.

    • I've never really been tuned to that frequency, either. It was probably just that Rose got up to go to the bathroom and it woke me up and that's why I thought someone was in the room. But still. All the skulking around and giggling and scaring ourselves got to me. I TOO have a very active imagination!!

      But that sounds totally creepy. I know exactly what you mean!

  3. The scenery looks beautiful, but the empty hotel would have scared the crap out of me. Just saying. I like to leave the city once in a while to get some peace and quiet, but when things get *too* quiet it's unnerving. Somehow hearing my neighbor hollering at the TV through the wall is oddly comforting. 😛

  4. It looks so pretty and I'm really glad that you got to have a mini getaway. Your pictures are all super lovely and oh my goodness the things you could buy cracks me up! As do the emergency numbers left on the desk. Creepy hotels however: has no one ever watched a scary movie? Bad shit happens!

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