Okay, now. I’ve covered boots, jewelry, dresses, hats, makeup, and shoes. It’s time for purses!! (You know, all the basic food groups!)

I discovered the bags of French brand Tammy & Benjamin through a boutique that I adore in Paris. Shortly after that, I saw Valentine rocking one of their bags. (In fact, I found out about her blog when the company referred to that entry, and I’m glad I did!)

Lucky for me, they deliver to the US, with no problems at all. (As does Shop des Créateurs.) I just adore their vintage feel, combined with the amazing French craftsmanship. I currently own the Elizabeth in gold, the Petit Charlie in blue, and the Emma in black. But what I really want now is this:

TammyAndBenjamin_03_resize Just freaking look at it!!

Considering my current unemployed state and lack of fundage, the good news is, I can’t find this version of the Petit Charlie anywhere. The bad news is, I CAN’T FIND THIS VERSION OF THE PETIT CHARLIE ANYWHERE. It’s in their lookbook for the new collection, but it’s not on their site. Or Shop des Créateurs. I tweeted the company, but they did not respond.


But, if I have to settle for a replacement, the yellow and black Petit Charlie is pretty spiffy, too. Still. *sniff*

How many purses are too many purses? And isn’t “sac à main” such a great term? What are you lusting after this week?

8 comments on “Wishlist Wednesday #7”

      • I don't know why they're so expensive! And I like the Frye oxfords also, but also very expensive! I am also interested in a few Rieker styles, which are usually in the $100-200 range, so that's a bit more affordable for a quality pair of boots.

        Btw, and this has nothing to do with shoes, but every time I look at your blog I hear this in my head "She comes in colors everywhere/She combs her hair/She's like a rainbow." 🙂

  1. LOVE the emma. it's perfect for me — i was just starting to think about fall clutches and i need (want) a shoulder strap, non-cross-body bag, too. And the colors are amazing.

    • Then it's exactly what you need! I adore the frame closure; it gives the vintage touch I love in everything. The leather and craftsmanship are beautiful, and you're right, the colors are amazing. I love mine and use it a lot!

  2. I have a pair of Frye ballet flats. I love the colors, but they're not anything super better than anything else…

    Is it terrible that I had to look up who that was by?? :p

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