Oh, trends. Wonderful, hateful trends. When the trend is for pin-straight hair and yours is curly. Or the bob comes back and you’ve just finished growing yours out. Or, you know, any kind of clothing that looks good on models and model types, but on real people, it’s a bit questionable.

The big trend for Fall 2013 seems to be oversized coats. They were everywhere on the runway. The most fashionable of fashion bloggers are throwing them into every look.

I have to say, I LOVE the look of them (despite also thinking they look like the coat-length equivalent of an 80s blazer). I mean, they come in all sizes and with different details.

Fall 2013 Trend: Oversized Coats by shedreamsinperfectfrench featuring ASOS
Glamorous zipper coat, $110 / ASOS coat / River Island coat, $160 / Wool coat / River Island leather coat, $320 / Topshop coat / Topshop brown coat
Do you have to be stick thin to pull them off?
One thing I’ve learned over the years for dressing my frame is that streamlined = slimming. I’ve never been a toothpick, but besides for that, I have curves (in the right places, and I am grateful for that). So when you add up the fact that I’m not tiny with my figure type, things that are oversized and bulky just make me look large.
I have not tried on any oversized coats yet, but something tells me I should stick to my peacoat.
What do you think? Do you love this trend or do you hate it? Have you bought an oversized coat? Do you think it’s a trend best left to our slimmer sisters, or do you think anyone can pull it off?

21 comments on “Trend in Real Life: Oversized Coats”

    • I just had the most overwhelming homesickness for Edinburgh, which is of course ridiculous. But I just wanted to be there with you trying on coats at Armstrongs! Also, thanks for reminding me to try vintage stores first and not pay as much, in case I want to try it out. x

  1. Not my favorite trend. I'm wayyyy too short to pull this look off, but I don't mind because honestly I'm not a huge fan to begin with. You put it perfectly when you said "the coat-length equivalent of an 80s blazer!"

    • I mean, right?! That was my first thought when I saw them on people! But I'm also pretty short and even though those bloggers made them look amazing (especially the pink and black ones), I just think they would look ridiculous on me.

  2. Eh, this trend does nothing for me. I also need to streamline. And I have enough trouble with my sleeves being too long and looking like a child playing dress up, so I would get totally lost in an oversized coat.

  3. Looks like I'm the only one liking the style… May just have ordered one, cough cough (yes, the lime one… Free shipping both ways so I can as well try it on).
    Pls stop enabling me 😉

  4. Hmmm….I think there's a nice middle ground that's way less trendy (and more flattering) – perhaps more of the Jacki O coat look – bigger buttons, cropped sleeves, more streamlined but still with a classic, volume feel – these are flattering on many body types. Just a 'replacement' suggestion for those who may be searching for the look.

    This trend is definitely not the most flattering of ones, I'm afraid. Although I'm swooning pretty hard over that lovely gold colour…

    • I could toooootally go for a Jacki O type with big buttons! That would feel super vintage-y to me, and I love anything like that. Thanks for the suggestion!

      I know, it's not, yet some of them just catch my eye! It's good to keep in mind how bad they'd actually look. 😉

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