But notice how I started with the positive?!

As of yesterday, I have officially blogged at least once a day for the entire month of October. And, actually, I have blogged at least once every day for over a month, since it started from the end of September. For a failed blogger, that is a real accomplishment. (I may, however, celebrate by taking a day off tomorrow. 😉 )

I am pretty obsessed with checking my stats, so I’m so gratified to see how my little blog has grown, even just a little bit. I know I’m still no blockbuster, but I appreciate each and every person who comes to read here. And as someone who is always feeling the itch to be traveling, seeing how many people from around the world are visiting makes me really happy. (As I’ve said before. Not to be redundant!)

Anyway, my failure is that I am abysmal at Halloween. I really am. I grew up in a community that didn’t celebrate Halloween, so once I became an adult and began socializing with people who did, I think I just missed developing that creative costume gene so many people seem to have. Despite the fact that I like to think of myself as a decently creative person.

Maybe it’s really just that I can’t think of one of the really clever costumes. I’m never going to be that girl dressed up as a sexy anything, but I also never seem to think of one of those, “Oh my god, that’s brilliant!” costumes. (I had flirted with the idea of going as a superhero by wearing my Cristiano Ronaldo jersey this year, but very few people would get the joke. Ah, the trials and tribulations of being a European football fan in the US!)

I mean, really. One year I wore a skirt with clocks on it and a watch pendant, bought some wings and a wand, and called myself the Time Fairy. (What is that even?!)

One year, I wore one of my vintage dresses, bought a blonde wig, and said I was Betty Draper.

12164_196472855990_4329908_n I even wore pearls!

Sadly, no one I was with even knew who I was talking about. (This was a few years ago and I was without a Don Draper, but still!) Although one person outside did come up to me and ask if I was Betty Draper and said that she realized right away, and I honestly should have given her bff status on the spot.

12164_196472895990_3265023_n Blonde wigs are hard when your head is too big and your hair is so dark. Glasses were someone else’s.

Add to that my abject brokeness and the fact that I have interviews this morning, and a last-minute follow-up assignment for my interview yesterday, and Halloween this year saw me sitting by my computer in my pajamas. I really know how to party.

How were your Halloweens? Did you dress up? And if so, as what? Regale me with your creativity!

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    • I was thinking how the fact that none of those people knew who Betty Draper was, yet they were all in advertising, should have tipped me off right then and there. :p Oh, man, I LOVE that!! I think you need new friends. Or to come here. If you had gone to the Way Station like that, you would have been a big hit!

  1. You didn't get dressed up on Purim?

    I think you are being too hard on yourself. Time Fairy is a unique and adorable idea! Your Betty Draper costume was fab and it's not your fault the dunderheads you were surrounded by didn't know who you were supposed to be.

    The fact that you have already cultivated a good collection of vintage and vintagey clothing puts in you in a good position to derive costumes from what you already have with just a little extra improvisation. I haven't dressed up for Purim or Halloween in years, but the last costume I really enjoyed wearing was a totally spur of the moment gypsy fortune teller costume that I threw together with stuff I already had – I just kept piling on the layers and the jewelry and the makeup.

    I also loved dressing up as Alice in Wonderland for Purim several years ago (you went with me to an overcrowded UWS party that year, right?) with stuff I already had (old blue skirt, blue t-shirt, white tank top made into an apron/pinafore) and my crazy long blond wig that I already had (that I also used successfully in an Elle Woods costume.)

    And while it wasn't mean to be a costume really, when you wore that flapper style dress and made yourself up like a flapper for your birthday party at the Way Station the year before last, you looked so freaking amazing and I wished I could put together a glamorous outfit and total look like that.

    When I was a kid, I wasn't into dressing up as a princess or Queen Esther or glamorous women usually. I think I did do a gypsy costume as a kid, but the focus was not on glamour. I remember being an ugly old hag/witch one year for Purim, and Cinderella in her rags for a school Halloween party, I think in 4th or 5th grade (I shredded up an old brown 1970's/early 1980's type of dress that my mother didn't wear anymore.) Then, puberty and teenage-hood hit, and I don't recall doing a lot of costume stuff except for school spirit days in high school, but my self esteem was pretty bad then and I thought I was unattractive, so I didn't want to go too far into making myself look worse (that feeling also increased when I was pursuing acting jobs and I was constantly being told by industry people that I was not attractive enough – F*** THEM) Even now, even though I got over my poor self image (thankfully) a good long while ago, when I do get dressed up, I want to wear a pretty, feminine costume.

    • I did, when I was young. I was even vaguely creative. One year I was Punky Brewster (my mom even let me buy jeans). One year I decided I was going to be an artist, so I painted an old shirt and made a cardboard palette. Apparently I used up all my creativity then!

      Yeah, it would be super simple to just go as something vintagey. I guess I wanted something a bit more.

      I loved your Alice costume!

      It's terrible we allow them to do all that to us!!

  2. For my Halloween I ate falafel and watched Christmas movies on Netflix. LOL! I'm not the *worst* at coming up with costumes, but your Time Fairy reminds me of this one year I COULD NOT think of a good costume, so I put on this really ugly green blazer I found at a thrift store and carried around a badminton racquet all night, telling people "I'm the tennis player… of DOOM!" Yeah, they were not impressed.

    • Hey, at least you had the falafel! lol. It actually sounds like a great night to me. 😉

      I'm so glad you had a similar experience! No one I was with was impressed, either, lol.

  3. Halloween was never popular in EU before I left and I never really got into it here in US as my my friends were from overseas too and had no sense for Halloween.
    Even back in Germany I only dressed up for Karneval or Fastnacht when I was younger… Some I remember are… As a punk that was not that hard as my hair was spiky and had colours of rainbow in real life, I just put on some dark, ripped clothes and made jewelry out of security pins…. As a 20's flapper, my mom and I found that great vintage dress and cigarette tip and she even bought me matching shoes which I wore throughout that year.
    Yesterday I just dressed up as myself and was busy checking out and maybe buying an oversized coat at nighttime bc a certain friend had to post some great links :-p

    • Yay, another Halloween grinch! 😉

      I would be happy to be dressed up as you, so there. 🙂 And I think you mean a great friend posted some links. You put the "great" in the wrong place. 😉

      Speaking of which, another blogger did a post on those kinds of coats, and I'm in love with #10.

  4. I dressed up as Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus (as I am, ironically, a curly-haired teacher). The kids loved it. As for going out? Nope. Early night in. I'm really getting excited for Christmas, this year, however!!

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