Do you remember how I was saying that I never have any ideas for Halloween costumes? Well, while having insomnia, in the wee early hours right after Halloween, I made a discovery that inspires me for next year. (And it actually came through another discovery I made that I’ll share with you soon.)

I present to you Face Lace.

mask-hipstarThe Hipstar mask. Photo from

How. Effing. Cool?! This take the masquerade mask and elevates it into the stratosphere. And there’s more!

Beauroque-smallThe Beauroque mask. Photo from

Renaissance-goldThe Renaissance mask. Photo from

mask-nouveauThe Nouveau mask. Photo from

They come in different colors and different finishes, so there’s something to match whatever it is you need.

A full mask too much for you? They also have simpler lace eye adornments, such as the Burlesque.

Granted, a fanatstically cool looking mask does not a costume make, but it kind of does, given the kinds of costumes I put together. 😉 (And I may not need to wait a whole year, since the Jewish holiday of Purim comes sooner!)

What do you think of them? Which is your favorite? I can’t choose!

10 comments on “Well, there’s always next year!”

  1. It's not exactly a full costume, but I think wearing something like this with a black dress would be "enough" for Halloween! I like the Beauroque one, just because I find the shape of that one the most flattering.

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