You’re never going to guess who it is today. Never.

In fact, I’m going to hide it. You’re going to have to read on. 😉

I know this one isn’t as elaborate and “I will never be able to find a real person version of this” (and, in fact, couldn’t I find something like it on ModCloth? Sorry, Jenny Packham!), but I still love it. And it’s partially because I really love her.

BBC-Radio-1s-Teen-Awards-2672057She looks so sassy, I love it!

Yes, I love Taylor Swift. If we’re going to continue to get along, it had to come out. I know that her music is sooooo different from the kind of music I usually post on Music Monday, but you wouldn’t believe how often I find myself listening to her. She used to be a guilty pleasure, but I just gave up feeling guilty and embraced my love. There is just something so universal about so much of what she sings about. Does that mean there’s a teenager/early 20’s-er hiding inside each of us? Yes, yes, I think it does.

And I have no regrets.

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