Turning Japanese

Look, I’m a New Yorker. It takes a lot to get me to go to New Jersey. But Rose, being from New Jersey, found a way to tempt me. (Besides for fair play, since she comes into New York all the time. But, I mean, come on.)

I had heard about the Japanese supermarket Mitsuwa several times before, but Rose was always telling me about the amazing cosmetics and skincare items they have there (including overpriced Bioderma), and so we planned an outing whereby I get myself to Hoboken.

Naturally, hilarity ensued, when I got there and texted her that I was there. And then waited for 15 minutes. Then got a text from her telling me she was just walking around Sinatra Park. My actual response to her was, “You speak like I know what or where that is.” She told me to walk towards the water. I said, again, I had no idea where that was. She told me to walk to this clock tower I saw. Except, the PATH Station was in my way. I didn’t know how to get around it.

Yes, she had to come get me.

But it was worth it, because the view was gorgeous. (I maintain, the best part of New Jersey is the view of New York. 😉 )

DSC_1252Kiss my ass, Banksy. I like it!

DSC_1254Even though the skyline will never look the same to me.





We finally finished admiring my city (yes, MY city) and moved on to Mitsuwa. (The actually have a shuttle bus that goes there from New York, it’s that popular.)

DSC_1260Oh, hey there Mitsuwa.

First up, the fancy dessert counter. We just looked at the samples and drooled.



Then we headed straight for the skincare and makeup aisles!

DSC_1265I don’t remember what brand the blue things were, but Rose said they’re supposed to be very good.

Rose kept pointing out products to me and telling me what was good and what people like. I hadn’t read up on any Japanese products before going, which was silly of me, but also done out of self-defense, since I really couldn’t buy too much.

DSC_1266See? They “recommend” the Bioderma!

Having it right in front of me, I confess, I caved. I bought a bottle. By the time I’m done with it, I should be able to buy the 2 500-ml bottle packs in France. Because I’d better be back there by then. I hope.


DSC_1268Rose said these were really good, too, but again…

They had some interesting looking cosmetics, but everything is packaged in cardboard without testers or see-through packaging. So it would just be picking something randomly. Which I can’t afford to do right now.

DSC_1270These totally look like tea, but they’re also some kind of skincare. I want.

DSC_1273Even their food looks like a work of art.

I was so sad, because there are so many interesting looking things, but because I didn’t know what any of them were, I just couldn’t buy them. I have food restrictions, so if I can’t read the ingredients, I can’t buy the thing. I did wind up bringing back some Shiso, which is Japanese basil, because that we can eat, and it had smelled so interesting. And my mom loves trying new things and tastes.

Rose laughed at me, because I didn’t realize there was another view of New York behind the supermarket. So we went out to check the view.

DSC_1274At some point, the weather had turned. Maybe while I was crying over not being able to spend money.


I couldn’t stay out too long, so we made our way back to Hoboken, but we stopped for essentials. I also stopped off in 2 different Starbucks and an additional 2 supermarkets looking for something for my brother, but they did not have it. I blame it on them being in New Jersey.

DSC_1276At least you can get a decent cup of coffee in Hoboken.

Rose promised me we could go back a different time when I had more money to spend, and I’ll have to look up the products before going.

And that was it! It was fun little jaunt away from home. I love that there are so many different adventures for having mini-adventures.

What’s your favorite place to go on a mini adventure? Do you know of any great Japanese makeup or skincare products I should look out for next time I’m there?

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