Yes, you read that correctly. I bought something. (I haven’t been as good, in general, as I’ve made myself out to be, anyway. :p But I have been so restrained, I don’t know where it’s come from.) Well, with 20% off and store credit, how could I not get something?!

The problem was really more what not to get. There are so many things in my “loves,” and it’s the best time to buy.

But I was good. I was so good. I only bought 2 things that I actually needed.

DSC_1303I mean, really, I ONLY BOUGHT TWO THINGS.

As I mentioned, my skin has recently gone from oil slick to oil slick + desert (ie, oily to combination). My holy grail foundation has suddenly become too matte for me (who knew there was such a thing?!), on my cheeks. Over the past week, I was testing out 2 new foundations, Guerlain’s Tenue de Perfection Timeproof Foundation SPF 20 and Make Up For Ever’s Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation (I was honestly surprised to find out MUF had a matte foundation, because no one ever talks about it).

I wish I had had more than a few days to test them out, but the VIB sale was only going on from Thursday of last week through yesterday, so I had to make my mind up quick! While Guerlain is Guerlain, and of course my highbrow makeup tastes were pushing me that way, the MUF was about $20 cheaper.

On Sunday, I actually did an experiment where I put one on one side of my face and one on the other.

DSC_1278This one was taken in the morning, shortly after applying.

DSC_1299This one was taken several hours later. (Sorry for the glaring!) Which side do you prefer?

They pretty much stayed matte on my face equally as long. But the real decision was made based on how they felt on my face. The Guerlain felt nice, but the MUF, seriously, felt like velvet on my face. It’s not named that arbitrarily!

And my holy grail concealer has been looking a bit dry under my eyes lately, so based on good reviews and also a makeup artist at Sephora’s recommendation, I bought the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. I haven’t even actually tried this out yet, but I figure I can always return/exchange it. I’ll keep you posted on how I like it.

So that was it for me. Despite the many, many, many more things I wanted. With the discount and my store credit, I paid less than $14!

And even further, if you want to factor in the subway fair I had to pay, I offset the cost by leaving with 4 samples. Because it’s not a trip to Sephora if you don’t leave with samples. 😉 (To be fair, I did intend to buy a third thing, the smallest size of the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Radiance, based on Kate’s rave reviews, but when I got there, they only had the largest size. So that was one of the samples I went home with.)

Have you tried any of these products? Did you shop the Sephora VIB sale? What did you go home with? What items have you purchased lately?

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