I would be remiss as a blogger if today’s Wishlist Wednesday was not about the Isabel Marant for H&M collection.

I, like everyone else, am basically salivating over the idea of getting my hands on something that Isabel Marant designed that I can actually afford. However, as I have mentioned countless times and you’re probably so tired of hearing me say, I’m unemployed and have no money.

So that means I’m going to sit it out, right? Ha, as if. But I’ve made myself pick ONE thing that I’m going to get. Just one.


This is what I want. I want this skirt. So badly, it hurts. However, for reasons I won’t get into, I can’t wear skirts that are too much above my knee, and I’m pretty sure, based on all the photos, this falls under that category. So, no gorgeous silver skirt for me.

Here are some more pieces from the collection that I’m dying over.

isabel-05 Again, I couldn’t wear this, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting it.


Is this a tunic? I don’t even care!

isabel-10 A shirt length one is better for me.

isabel-14 UGH, SO AMAZING. But the shoes are some of the priciest pieces in the collection! 🙁

isabel-33 Again, probably too short.

isabel-30 A dress version, now, that I could do.

isabel-21 Again, too bloody short!

isabel-34 It’s. Just. Too. Good.

isabel-42 I would cry, but I’m just going to remind myself they don’t come in my size (11…and I’m short, go figure).

So I bet you’re wondering at this point what I am actually going to try and get?

isabel-48 Come to me, my pretty!

There’s a shirt version of this, that looks almost exactly like the top here, and a skirt version that doesn’t look like the bottom of the dress, but I think buying the dress is a good investment. It’s a good overall look. It’s something I can wear and feel good in.

Now please, please, please, let me get my hands on it, and let it be the right size, since they’re only going to allow 1 of each per online shopper. (No, I’m not waiting in line. I’m a lazy bargain hunter.)

Are you going to be shopping this collection? Which piece(s) are you trying for? Are you going to wait in line or shop online? DO YOU THINK WE HAVE A FIGHTING CHANCE IN HELL?!

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