Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of my favorite movies of all time. The story is so interesting and different (and who among us hasn’t wanted to utilize the service?), the directing is so innovative, and it’s just about a perfect movie, to me. I know it pretty much by heart at this point, and I cry at the same line, every single time.

Ever since the first time I saw it, I wanted to go to Montauk, like in the movie. Ideally, it would be waking up in the morning, calling in sick, deciding to go. And it would ideally have snowed. To reenact the scene accurately.

(It would not be my first time. I’ve done the same in Cardiff with Doctor Who and Montmartre with Amélie [of course].)

But years passed, and it’s harder to convince friends to call in sick and go with you than you’d think. 😉

So when Rose asked me on Thursday night if I wanted to go to Montauk on Friday, I really didn’t have to think very hard about my answer. Especially since it was a bittersweet thing; it would be our last mini adventure for a while, because I start a new job tomorrow. (I pretty much knew I was getting it, but it wasn’t official till Wednesday. And I had told her earlier in the week I really wanted to go to Montauk before I started my job, and she amazingly obliged.) Good news/bad news, eh?

Because I had to be home early on Friday, we had to leave super early. Like, super early. I still can’t believe she agreed to it, but agreed to it, she did!

DSC_1313I mean REALLY early. It still looked like this when she picked me up. From New Jersey.



These photos are unedited. So maybe seeing the sky look this pretty made the early call time worth it?

DSC_1320Even the drive was scenic.

DSC_1321Maybe I should get up this early every day? Or not. 🙂

about three hours later, we were finally in Montauk. Understandably, our first stop was for coffee.

DSC_1324Montauk Bake Shoppe boasts the best coffee in Montauk. It was pretty damn good, that’s for sure.

We regrouped in the car, trying to figure out: now that we were in Montauk, what did we want to DO in Montauk?! I obviously wanted to walk on the beach by the house like they did in the movie.


Luckily, it was in Easthampton, which we had to go through on our way back.

But first, we were in Montauk, and determined to see something there. So we headed for the lighthouse.

DSC_1325They thoughtfully give you plenty of swings to sit in and contemplate the sea and life.

DSC_1327“The Surfcasting Capital of the World.” Now you know.

DSC_1329All roads lead to the beach.

DSC_1331Turn to clear vision.

DSC_1332Lighthouse ahoy!

DSC_1334Who says the Atlantic isn’t blue?

DSC_1336We knew it wasn’t the right beach the second we got there, anyway. Rock beach?!


I had actually considered my outfit really carefully the night before. I decided on my Phillip Lim for Target shirtdress, since it felt like a more weather-appropriate sundress. I mean, we were going to the beach, after all. It wasn’t till I walked into the Bake Shoppe that I realized how overdressed I really was. :p

DSC_1340I don’t look disappointed, do I?

DSC_1342Attempting to throw sand. What little of it there was.



DSC_1346Not what I had expected.




DSC_1356Getting closer!

DSC_1357I made it to the very end of New York! And onto this rock!

DSC_1359I ain’t afraid of no rock.

We saw what looked like a path of steps made of rock, and we thought it was a path to the lighthouse. It was high. And the rocks were big.

DSC_1361The view was cool, though.


DSC_1364See?! Doesn’t it look like a path?!

DSC_1366We’re coming for youuuuuuuu.


DSC_1368Big rocks. Eventually we gave up and turned around. There was no path.

DSC_1369Selfie. 🙂

DSC_1373These benches were everywhere. They were sweet.

We finally made it to the lighthouse, but it was closed to visitors. (It IS the off season.) Still, we didn’t let that stop us from taking a photo, after we had come all this way.

DSC_1374“Montauk Point Lighthouse: Commissioned by President George Washington.” Cool.

DSC_1376I did contemplate life.

DSC_1379And the sea.

DSC_1382And the silliness. 🙂

I was SO upset. It was our last mini road trip for ages, and I forgot to bring Xabi! So instead, Rose and I did an homage to the man, the myth, the legend.


DSC_1385We think he would have approved.

DSC_1387We don’t have a Moneypenny, but we have a Money Pond, apparently. (See the circle thing?)

DSC_1388We took Old Montauk Highway back, and stopped off for some scenic views.

DSC_1389The long and winding road.

We drove back to Easthampton, with the address of the house in our GPS, but the road was blocked. Undeterred, we found another street that lead down to the beach. Trespassing? Pssh. See if we care!

The second we stepped onto the beach, we knew we were in the right place this time.

DSC_1390Somewhere between Wainscott Beach and Georgica Association Beach.



DSC_1398Definitely more like it.

DSC_1401“Look! It’s our house! “

DSC_1408Instructing Rose to make sure the photos looked like  Instructing Rose to make sure the photos looked like  this.

DSC_1410“I wish you had stayed.” “I wish I’d stayed, too.”

DSC_1411“What if you stayed this time?”

DSC_1417I really wanted to go in.

DSC_1418I was tempted.

DSC_1422But I satisfied myself with just being a creeper.

DSC_1423Some other house. Rose wanted to know which famous people lived in each one.

DSC_1424The sand had these cool black lines.

DSC_1425In undulations.

Having my fantasy more than fulfilled, we headed back on the road, but stopped off in Bridgehampton. We had spotted an adorable looking candy shop on our way up, and were determined to stop on our way back.

Rose said she bet it had a counter that you could sit at and have a milkshake. It did.

DSC_1427It also had pie.

DSC_1428But it’s a root beer float that, well, floated MY boat. 🙂


DSC_1430Cutest place ever!

And that was it. We drove back to Brooklyn. And, sadly, our last adventure for a while came to an end. But it was bucket list material for me, so I was more invigorated than sad. And thankful to have a friend like Rose who was willing to make it happen for me.

I will write more about the new job at a later date. Maybe I’ll even be able to show you. We’ll see. But for now, I’m just glad to share this little bit of happiness with you. 🙂

Have you ever gone somewhere you’d be dying to for ages? Or gone to places where a favorite movie or TV show was shot?

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12 comments on “Meet me in Montauk”

  1. See – nicest people live in Jersey… they even get up for you at the crack of dawn.

    Have weird movie taste – so not sure if I want to go to any of these places (or should/could)… Blues Brothers, Rocky Horror, Pulp Fiction, Rear Window and some cheesy ones that I will not admit to in public hehe.

    Have fun tomorrow and don't get lost on your way to Long Island 😉

    • Hey, you lost your right to indignation when you admitted that you agreed with my assessment! 😉

      I have very eclectic movie tastes. If I could go to the Rear Window set, I totally would! And you know, like every scene from Love, Actually. Heh.

      Luckily, Long Island City is a little closer, so I shouldn't have any trouble getting there. 😉 (Also, technically Brooklyn IS on Long Island. So.) Thank you!

  2. Ahh I love this post! This is literally one of if not my #1 favourite movies of all time. It's just perfect. Can totally relate to you wanting to go where they went in the film. I love your photos! Wonderful story telling photographically. & your outfit is very cute! x Allura x

    • Thank you so much! It was so much fun retelling the day through the photos. And I'm sure my friend thought I was nuts when I made her re-take the photos of me walking up to the house because they weren't framed right. 🙂 But it was a great day.

      Thanks again!!

      Shani x

  3. This is such an adorable post and I'm glad that you ended up getting your ESotSM-esque trip. Also one of my favourite movies, though one I haven't seen in aggges. I need to get on that. XABI FEET FOTO. DED. #flawlesshumanbeing

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