I apologize for the sad look of this post. I have no new photos to share. But I want to attempt to do my best to still update despite now being unemployed.

So, here we go.

1. New job: So far, so good. I took a job that paid a lot less than I’m used to because I was trying to switch industries. So far I’m glad I did, but let’s see how I feel when I get my paycheck. 😉 The commute is pretty horrible, but everyone seems pretty nice, so far. I mean, first day, and all. I hope to write more about where I’m working, because it’s somewhat topical to my blog. I’m going to ask if I can even bring my camera in and take some photos. I’ll keep you posted on that and how the job is going!

I do realize blogging is going to be a lot harder. Especially the upkeep part of blogging. Getting up an hour earlier to read blogs and comment is a lot harder when that alarm goes off at 6 am! And I got home last night at 9 and had to put something together. Exhausted is the operative word.

ETA: My favorite coworker so far! 😉

20131119_115633_1 Mabel’s a fashion hound.

2. Isabel Marant pour H&M: I got my order today. As I feared, not only was the skirt too short, it was too tight, as well. Le sigh. 🙁 But the dress fits. I think I look a little lumpy in it, but I’ve been told it looks good by a very harsh critic (my mom 🙂 ), so I am definitely going to keep it. So, in the end, I got the one thing I said I wanted. Although I was sad to open the (huge!) box it came in (why?!) and see they didn’t send the special tote bag with the online orders. Oh well. Also, it appears I can only mail back my return. I hate stores that don’t allow in-store returns!!

Well, that’s it, for now. I got home late last night from my terrible commute and had to get up early today, but I do have a better post prepared for tomorrow. 🙂

Do you think there are more important things than money when considering a job? How long does it take you to get to work? Did you get anything from the Isabel Marant collection? Did it work out for you?

For those of you who work full time and blog, how do you find the balance?

4 comments on “Updates of a various nature”

  1. Personally strongly believe that interesting job where you can learn new things and enjoy yourself trumps big money. Yes, you have to make a living (and you have to find right balance for your life-style) but being content with what you do counts more in long run.
    And you never know if broader experience will not bring you additional payback later …it may not be money but relations/connections etc.

  2. I feel far more satisfied with life in general when I love (at least part of) what I'm doing. Life experience far outweighs financial things in the long run.
    As for balancing, I personally find it really difficult – either I'll try to put a bunch of posts together on the weekend, or I space out my posts (to 3 a week). Ideally, I'd find the time for both, but my job is long hours with fairly demanding work, so the leftover energy for me, personally, is better spent relaxing and seeing people I love!

    • It's only Day 3 and I can already see how long-term this is so much more of what I want to be doing than before. I just really hope that I don't have a panic attack when I see the change in my paycheck (though any paycheck is better than being unemployed, right?).

      I've been trying to schedule ahead as well or use my lunch hour or surreptitiously during down time, but we'll see how well I can keep it up!

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