It’s so hard you guys, now that I’m employed, to remind myself that a) I have not been paid yet, b) I have so many bills to pay before I can shop, and c) I’m operating on a MUCH tighter budget with this job, but my god, all I want to do is shop.

Especially when the desire for something long ago has suddenly been reawakened. I first saw Modern Vice’s Jett shoes on Keiko Lynn’s blog back in April. Then twice this week I’ve seen them again, once more on Keiko, but also on De Lune. And now not only do I want them, I want them in multiple colors! Oh, the agony!

SJ-yellow-4I never thought I would want a pair of bright yellow shoes so much.

SJ-red-4But the red is so pretty, too!

I’m not even usually super into menswear-inspired shoes. But I just adore the look of the wingtips and am crushing hard on the buckles.

Of course, I absolutely cannot afford these right now. Or, like, maybe ever again. But I still want them. A lot.

What do you think of the shoes? Which color would you get? What are you lusting after this week?

14 comments on “Wishlist Wednesday #10”

  1. I can only deal with yellow in small doses, but I agree, those yellow shoes are awesome and give the red ones a run for their money. I could see you wearing the yellow ones with that outfit you wore to Montauk.

    You probably already have a pair of great red shoes though, so if you had to choose, perhaps the yellow would be the better choice. Maybe you can write it off as a business expense! 😉

    • I just can't with how awesome they are. And great styling suggestion!!

      Ha, I wish I could do that! I need to let my finances settle before I buy things. It's so hard, though. I've wanted these since April! (Why didn't I buy them when I still worked on a pharma salary?!)

  2. Nice shoes!! I think it'd be a good investment. Big dilemma with the colours though… I think the yellow ones are perfect for this Autumn. To me, they'd almost stand out more than the red ones… Tough call… Have you made your decision yet?

    • I have not, but I'm definitely leaning towards the yellow ones. Of course, I don't really have money for either pair right now…

      I really love your blog, so it made me super excited to get this comment. 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!

      Shani x

  3. Did someone say 'menswear inspired'? Because that is basically what I am here for and makes up a ridiculous percentage of my closet. And menswear in bright colours is like heaven in clothing for me. Now I want them, too!

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