For great fashion! Ha, kidding. Well, not so much.


I know this makes me downright un-American, but my family has never really been big on Thanksgiving. We’ve done a bit more since I’ve been an adult, but we really don’t do the whole big dinner thing.


But, if I was going to a Thanksgiving dinner this is what I would wear.Giving thanks
Giving thanks by shedreamsinperfectfrench featuring high heel booties


Really, it’s because I found that amazing retro dress and wanted an excuse to wear it for something. And to show it to you guys.


I couldn’t pick something to wear over it, so I thought this would give a couple of nice options. I can’t do sleeveless things, so I always need a jacket or sweater over. I think the blue really complements the orange, but the mustard and ochre also look really nice.


Again, I think the cognac color of the boots (heels, flats, and bootie options, depending on your preference) really look nice with the overall color scheme.


And because I’m obsessed with this Paris line from Les Néréides, I thought this would be a good place to throw one of the pieces in. (I especially want one of the necklaces!) Even if it is an American holiday. (It would be a very me thing to wear for the occasion. 😉 )


(Ugh, now I feel like this entire post should go into Wishlist Wednesday!!)


Anyhoo, what are your plans for Thanksgiving, if you celebrate? What festive things are you looking forward to wearing this season?

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  1. I like brown boots and shoes on other people. I haven't bought a pair of brown shoes of any kind in many years, because I wear so much black and I wind up wearing the same few pairs or shoes or boots over and over. If I were updating my summer clothes, I might be tempted to get brown sandals.

    • Also, when I see people wearing all black but then wearing brown boots, it just looks wrong to me. If I'm going to do a pop of color with a lot of black, I just can't bring myself to do it with brown.

      • I actually adore all black and cognac colored boots. Not dark brown. It makes the difference. It's the lighter, toffee shade that looks so good.

        In general, I find that I reach for mine in situations where I would have gone with black before, because it's a little more unexpected.

  2. You forgot two of the most important features of any Thanksgiving ensemble. It has to have room in the waistline for a big meal and be comfortable to nap in when you rest up between dinner and dessert.

    • See, I like to have something to hold me in a bit so I don't over eat. Also, I'm not actually going to a dinner, so I can fantasy wear anything I want. 😉

  3. Gah I wish I had that dress!! 🙁 Great thanksgiving outfit, i definitely think its very appropriate and fall-esque 🙂 too bad Canadian thanksgiving is over, would definitely like to relive all that food heh. Hope you have a good one!

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