Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. You find a shampoo that you love. You use it and you have shampoo commercial hair. People tell you how nice your hair looks. YOU notice how nice your hair looks. You don’t know how you’ve ever lived without this shampoo.

You’re about halfway through the bottle, several months later (well, in my case, since I don’t shampoo my curly hair as often as other people), and suddenly you style your hair and it looks absolutely blah. Like, so blah. You think that maybe there was something off in your styling. Maybe you didn’t add the products in the right order. Maybe it’s more or less humid.

So you take your next shower thinking nothing of it. And your hair comes out SUPER blah. And you know. You know.

Your shampoo has stopped working.

Now, I just googled this, and everyone assures me there is no such thing. That it is just a myth. Well, then my hair is freaking mythical, because it does happen.

02686 Mmmmmm coconut…

About a year ago, I got Lush’s Curly Wurly shampoo, and for several months, my hair looked fantastic. Amazing. And smelled even better. And then one day, the shift happened.


So then I started using Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner (with the Love Curl Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner thrown in once in a while), as I’ve mentioned. And my hair has been looking great since then.

Well, it’s happened again. Last week I washed my hair, and it was just disastrous. So I went back to an old shampoo I had, and it looked fine again. I used that for a couple of shampoos, hoping that if it was just buildup or fatigue, a break of a few shampoos would help act as a clarifier.


Now, this wouldn’t be so annoying if I only used drugstore shampoo. But I have always been gullible believed that they have higher quality ingredients, and my hair is one of my best assets, so it’s worth investing in. At least with the Davines products, I was able to get the travel sizes.

On a hunch, though, I tried the Curly Wurly again last night, and it seems to be “working again.” So maybe that’s a bright side. I can finish my container of Curly Wurly, and by the time it stops being effective, I can finish up the Davines!

Still. Sigh. What a pain!

Do you find that your shampoo stops working? Do you have anything tried and true? Anything that you’ve had to give up?

10 comments on “The seismic shampoo shift”

  1. You know what totally changes the effectiveness of my products? Seasonal change. The second is gets a bit dryer or hotter or colder, my whole routine shifts. OR if I've gone too long between self trims (I sense another one needs to happen shortly). OR a drastic change in diet (I need to make sure I get my fatty fats). Does that ever effect your hair care routine? Or is it just randomness?

    • I don't think any of those have happened recently. I think it's just random. But I should pay a bit more attention next time, to maybe put my finger on it.

  2. First of all, I'm only a couple posts into your blog & I love it. And second of all… that totally happens to me too. Shampoo & face washes are my biggest culprit of this tragedy. xx

    • You are SO sweet! I can't tell you how much I appreciate that! I had a look at yours, and you are so beyond adorable! I'm going to follow you on Bloglovin', because I check it more often than my WordPress reader. 🙂

      Isn't it so annoying?! I swear, the beauty industry does it on purpose so we have to spend more money! xx

  3. Are you sure the issue isn't hair length? Sometimes my hair suddenly goes from looking great to looking blah, and it's generally because I've passed the right Length Window. Your next question will be "Well then why would going back to Curly Wurly seem to have worked?" Excellent question! I don't know the answer! But maybe it's because different products work better or worse for different hair styles, and your hair left the length/style that the other product was working for, but it entered the length/style that Curly Wurly works for? That's all I've got. Stay strong, sister!

    • Oh, hey, I know who this is. 😉

      I'm not sure, but could that have happened overnight? (And why does it happen with skincare, too?) I don't even know. I've been alternating between various options lately, as I realize what's not working and what is. (And my hair HAS gotten super long, at this point.)

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