In one word: Valentino. (And, okay, Florence Welch in Valentino.)

2013 Museum Gala Photo source

Can we get a closer look at the detailing? OF COURSE WE CAN.

Florence+Welch+Valentino+2013+American+Museum_History+Natural+History+Gala+Tom+Lorenzo+3 Photo source

What do you think? I personally ADORE it!

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6 comments on “Celebrity Fashion Lust #8”

      • I was listening to Ceremonials last week. I had originally heard it didn't get reviews as good as Lungs did, but I don't know why – it's a beautiful album! Thank goodness for Spotify, that's all I have to say 🙂

        • I love Lungs, but have gotten so tired of the songs. But I really do like a lot of music on Ceremonials! And seriously. I have to catch up on all the music I've been out of the loop for. 🙂

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