I had a musical discovery (to me) this past week, actually from reading the Clarins blog. (Believe it or not.)

Could you have a better band name than Le Prince Miiaou?! (Yes, that’s french for “meow.” 🙂 ) Our songbird’s real name is Maud-Elisa Mandeau, and she started playing music at 16. No, she’s not another teenager, she’s been at it now since 2002. But I really adore this song, from her third album.

I have to listen to some more of her music, definitely. Although, sadly, it seems her first album is no longer available. But her second and third albums, Safety First and Fill the Blank With Your Own Loneliness, are available. Plus, she has a new album called Where Is the Queen? coming out at the end of January.

What do you think? Have you ever heard of her before? Do you have any more recommendations for me? What are you listening to today?

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6 comments on “Music Monday #12”

  1. I creeped myself out so much last night watching Les Revenants that now even non-spooky scenes of the French countryside, like the ones in this video, freak me out. Heh :/

    • Well, the article isn't even about male artists sexualizing women, it's about how the women themselves portray themselves in videos.

      I rarely watch music videos. If I listen to a song on YouTube, it's because I couldn't find an mp3 or don't have access to mine at the time. (Also, it would be boring if I posted a music post with only something to listen to.) So it doesn't stop me from liking male artists.

      I make my decisions based on what society and culture should be basing their decisions on: whether there is talent and inherent value in what the artist is putting forth, and, you know, whether or not I actually like it. If I stopped liking things that guys put out simply for that reason, my musical library would be a sad, sad place.

      • Excellent points. Actually, I should have been a bit more specific – what do you think of Charli XCX, whose video is the main one discussed?

        I never heard of her before I read that article, and now I know she wrote "I Don't Care, I Luuv It!" which is one of my recent ear worms.

        • Oh, sorry! I know very little about her to have any thoughts. I listened to the song, and it was fun. But I didn't watch the video. And obviously, "I Don't Care" is an ear worm for everyone. 😉

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