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Not your 90’s flannel by shedreamsinperfectfrench featuring snap shirts
I’m sure it’s the weather, but when I woke up yesterday morning and saw that it was snowing, all I wanted in the world to wear was a nice, warm, brightly colored flannel shirt.


I had plenty of them back when I was a teenager in the 90s (yes, I just dated myself :p). They were oversized, unflattering, and super, super cozy. Luckily, none of them have made the leap to my adult wardrobe.


But I really wished they had. Which got me wishing desperately for one of the more contemporary, fitted versions. I’m adoring the top middle one for the colors, but also the bottom right two, especially because they’re on sale for $20 at Hollister.


And yet, I hesitate. Only because I’m attempting to save money. My guiding principle these days is, “But do I really NEED it?” Obviously there are the impulse buys, but for some reason, purchasing clothing seems more unnecessary. (And not the millionth lipstick. Go figure.) But I realllllllly want one. So it’s wishlisted.


I also REALLY wish I had bought this scarf while I had the chance.
It was only $30 on Zara, but again, it wasn’t something I NEEDED. I had bookmarked it and kept going back to look at it, and now it’s sold out and selling for ridiculous amounts on eBay. I know that I knit and don’t need to buy scarves, but every time I see someone wearing it, I just kick myself all over again.


Maybe all this means is that I miss Scotland? πŸ˜‰


Do you like flannel shirts in every day wear? Which would you pick? Do you think I should buy the scarf on eBay? What are you lusting after this week?

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17 comments on “Wishlist Wednesday #13”

  1. Plaid was big on my shopping list the past few weeks… I snatched the Zara shawl when it was still available (soft & huge), also got couple of shirts from gap and J.Crew and wool slacks from Loft. Having so much fun working them into my wardrobe… Need to figure out a way to photograph and post πŸ™‚

    • Ahhhhh, Dagmar, you're KILLING me!! I still wasn't working/hadn't gotten paid, and didn't want to put it on my credit card. (It also wasn't priority for the things that I did want to put on my credit card.) Now I really want to snag one on eBay…

      Yes, we should do a photography day where we can photograph for each other!

    • I know, right?! At least if you regret buying something you can return it or sell it. Now I'm just stuck with eBay price gougers! Mmmm flannel pajamas and hot chocolate. Can I go home yet and indulge? Day, be over! πŸ˜‰ x

  2. Love flannel/plaid… I wear it a couple of times a week (which is probably bordering on obsession…) I love those oversized scarves from Zara though. I'd probably get one if I didn't already have so many plaid shirts!

  3. I like plaid a lot. I have had some trouble incorporating it into my wardrobe except in the form of scarves. I'm still thinking about the brightly colored plaid shirt I got from Old Navy a few years ago that just didn't fit right so as much as I wanted to wear it, I couldn't make it work. But it's Old Navy, so cheap and not a crying shame. Next time I'll have to go with a better brand with plus sizes, like L.L. Bean. I admit it, I love L.L. Bean – they have come through for me in so many ways with winter clothing and shoes!

    • I'm such a bad impulse buyer, that I usually wait on the things that I really want and then impulsively snatch up the things that come up randomly that I want. In this case, I new I didn't NEED it, but also had no idea that it would sell out and become an internet sensation!! Sigh. Next time I know what to do. πŸ™‚ x

  4. Ahhh! Plaid! Most of my favourite/most comfortable shirts have all been plaid, generally from the men's section, however, since it tends to be cheaper/just as expensive but better quality and just comfier. Second hand plaid? Comfiest clothing, ever.

    • That's where my shirts in the 90s were from. πŸ˜‰ I made myself promise that if I broke down, I would get something more fitted and flattering. Alas. But now I just want to look on eBay, though I'd probably just find men's shirts…

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