(In case you’re not familiar with it, Birchbox is a monthly subscription service where, for just $10 a month, you receive a box full of deluxe-sized and travel-sized samples. You receive Birchbox points for every purchase you make and every review your write, which can be redeemed in their store. It’s pretty much a cycle of awesome! Get your own here.)

I followed last month’s lead and again avoided all spoilers so that I would not be envious or upset about what I did or did not get. It’s been only mildly successful, because, while I now no longer am upset that I didn’t get something specific, I’ve been underwhelmed by what I did get. (And I had a slight spoiler by texting with Rose who let slip the nature of one of her items, and I wound up figuring it out. And being sad I didn’t get it.)

So, on to this month. I feel like I am nearing 2 decisions:

1. Cancel my Birchbox See, I LOVE getting a little box of goodies in the mail every month, but I’ve really been underwhelmed the past few months. Since I resubscribed back in July in order to get the Davines shampoo and conditioner samples, I’ve really only been thrilled about 3 products: Davines This Is A Sea Salt Spray, the Tocca hand cream, and the Stila Stay All Day in Beso. That’s 3 things in 6 months, and one of them came in a replacement box. It may just not be worth it anymore, or maybe I should try a different service.

2. Quit making videos
I know, I know, learning curve. But this is my 4th video and I’ve done yet another thing wrong. (I forgot that you can’t see what’s in my hands and I didn’t hold everything up for the camera.) I mean, at this point, I may have learned to a. shoot it with my point-and-shoot so that it focuses in on close-ups, b. how to add music, and c. how to add an intro, but my video skills are still severely lacking, it may just look worse for me to keep making them than it would for me to stop them. I mean, come on, admit it—you watch other unboxing videos and they’re way better.

Anyway, the review!

As always, If you have any questions about any of the products mentioned or anything else, please let me know. I’ve listed links to the products on Birchbox in the video information, so you should watch it on YouTube to access that. If you have any suggestions for future videos, let me know!

What did you get in your box? Have you tried any other services? (Beauty Bar? Glossybox?) Do you recommend them?

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6 comments on “December 2013 Birchbox Unboxing”

  1. "Why do I need this on my phone?" Haha, my reaction exactly. If you're burnt out on Birchbox there are so many others to try now… I think Wantable is nice and very customizable (and you only get makeup if that's what you want) but it's $36 per month. Besides that I've tried Ipsy (which you know about) and Beauty Box 5 (which seems to mainly be drugstore stuff).

    • I am still confused by the uselessness of that thing. I would have preferred another pretzel! 😉

      Urgh, $36 a month is too dear for my blood. Truthfully, in my heart of hearts, I know I don't need any more stuff, whether it be makeup or skincare, so I really should just cancel my subscription and not enroll in anything else. Instead, just take out my frustrations on Sephora. But will I actually do it, is the question…

  2. Finally had a chance to watch this. Are you wearing THE Serge Lutens lipstick in this video? Or is that the other one? Whatever it is, I really like it. I got out of the habit of wearing dark berry or wine colored lipsticks but you are making me crave them again! Ok, so I'm becoming your make-up copycat. I hope you don't mind! 😉

    Birchbox has been receptive to your feedback before so yes, change your settings back to make-up, but maybe also let them know what a disaster the Liz Earle skincare product was for you, and maybe you'll get some extra freebies.

    You don't have to use hairspray? Huh. I have come to realize that hairspray is an important product in my life to keep the frizz at bay and to make my baby fine hair obey me more than it wants to.

    I wonder if there are groups of people who do swaps of the items they get in Birchbox/Those Other Sample Box Programs that they don't use? It's such a shame for the products to go to waste.

    • Yes, it is! I got a LOT done that morning. 😉 I've been really neglecting my bright, fun eyeshadows in the last year in favor of darker/brighter lipsticks and a cat eye. I need to start switching it up again. But of course I don't mind–I do the same thing with other bloggers I read!

      I don't want to complain. They have a lot of customers, they can't know that they're sending things I can't possibly use. And sitting near Customer Service people now, I feel for anyone in that position!

      Someone did mention to me that there is a group on Reddit where people swap those things. But I feel like everyone would want the same things. I put my styling products in while my hair is wet; if my hair is frizzy when it dries, nothing is going to help, really, except maybe some kind of cream.

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