Well, guys. I was finally able to take some photos and test out the object of my affections, Serge Lutens lipstick in Pourpre Maure.

My dedication to the cause went to extreme lengths that day. I woke up earlier than usual (and my new commute is a killer anyway) and brought my camera out back, making sure the door wasn’t locked. I wasn’t wearing a coat, and it was about 27ºF. I finished taking the photos…and, yup, the door was indeed locked.

Ten minutes later and shivering my ass off, I got someone to let me in. So you’d better really like these photos!

I just need to say, I think I’m in trouble. Like, serious trouble. I truly and deeply heart it.

To start with, here is my own photo of the sampler:

DSC_1502 The top three…swoon.

The three dark colors are all “me” colors. The bottom 3, not so much. (I am pale and I look dead in light, nude-y colors.) Although I think that Or Frele ( the one on the bottom left) is probably meant to be layered over another color, since it’s essentially clear with gold sparkles.

To be completely honest, when I went into Barneys to try on my color, the guy at the counter told me it was #2 (which is actually the top middle color). Even though I had requested the color by name to try on. (He also made me try on #10 Garde Rose, which is gorgeous as well. Of course.)

So part of me was wondering if perhaps I was now dreaming about the wrong color. Nope. He got it wrong. (I know for sure because I wore Roman Rouge yesterday…and halfway through the day switched back over to Pourpre Maure. :p Even though it’s a beautiful color on its own…it’s not MY color.)

I’ve already hit the bottom of the cardboard in one area of the sample, so I’m reluctant to use it for extraneous things, like swatching, so I’ll link you to someone who already did. I am curious to compare it to MAC Rebel, though (which I do own as well), especially since Lisa Eldridge mentioned it as an alternative. And, you know, it’s $75.

DSC_1504 Apparently I’m unable to apply lipstick straight with a lip brush from a cardboard sampler. Or I put it on in the dark? I also realized later I completely forgot to put on blush. Fail.

DSC_1506 My friends call this “Shani face.” It’s just cause I feel dumb in pictures.


DSC_1514 It’s crooked, but it’s so pretty!

Now, you’re wondering, sure, it’s got a gorgeous face, but does it have anything going on upstairs?

Well, it’s not a member of Mensa, but it probably graduated with distinction. 😉

It goes on feeling very creamy, and then dries down to a satiny, velvet finish. You really don’t feel it on, but it’s not drying. It’s not hydrating, either, though. You should make sure your lips are exfoliated and hydrated before applying.

One of the things these lipsticks are known for are their intense pigmentation. And it did last through a meal, and didn’t transfer onto my spoon at all. I did have to reapply it in the afternoon.

The only negative thing (besides for the price!) is that when it fades, it tends to stain your lips the way wine does, catching on the most prominent areas. But while you’re wearing it, it’s glorious.

What do you think of the color? Have you ever had any mishaps in the course of performing your blogging duties? Do you want to see what the other colors look like? How do you get over something once it’s taken hold of your soul? 😉

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14 comments on “Purple heart”

  1. Call me crazy but I like how your lips stand out w/o blush… Beauty gurus may disagree that you can go w/o blush … Once in a while it is fun to break the rules though.
    This colour is really very you… Would be interesting to see you wear Mac as direct comparison (w/o the you locking yourself out of house part of course ;-))

    • I'm just so pale that I feel like blush helps me look not dead. 🙂 I was only going to use a very subtle pink blush, that just gives a subtle, pink flush. But I'm glad the lipstick stands out to you. 😉

      I promise I will at least bring keys with me next time! And I want to do a half and half photo and let you guys vote on your favorite.

  2. The color is absolutely divine on you, Shani!

    However, it is an outrage that you should even have to consider paying $75 for it. I'm really offended by that. According to the color swatch link you posted and it said if you refill it when it's used up, you can pay $55 for the lipstick tube without the base. For some reason, the $55 price doesn't seem quite as obscene as $75, but you'd still have to pay $75 for the initial full lipstick, and for that amount of money it should last for the next ten years and not need to be refilled! But that's just my opinion. I'm sure there are plenty of women out there who are wealthy enough to be able to shell out $75 for a tube of lipstick and not even think twice, but I don't ever want to be that type of woman.

    That said, if you do wind up buying the full tube, I know you will enjoy it immensely, and fully appreciate it. So you wouldn't be one of those women I never want to be 😉

    I also agree with the previous comment that going without blush makes this lip color look even more special and there's no other color to compete with it for the most awesomeness on your face.

    Now you've inspired me to try out a lipstick in a similar shade. One day I'll get myself over to MAC and try out Rebel and while I'm there, Russian Red also.

    • Yes, it's refillable, so only the initial purchase is $75. ("Only," heh.) I've read about a few people who just bought the refill, but it's not really portable without the case, and there's the chance of ruining it in your purse. So that would be $55 down the drain.

      And, oh, I've thought twice. And three times. And five times. I'm not even going to consider, really consider buying it until I do a half-and-half and compare them full-on.

      Hey, you just have to get yourself together with me and I can bring mine for you to try on. 😉

      • Also, that is such a scam – $55 and you might ruin it on the way home?! OMG, I'm even more offended now! Serge Lutens, you are on my beauty product shit list!

        • No, the refill is just not built to keep in your purse on an everyday basis without the tube. People were trying to get away without buying the case, but were afraid that keeping it in a purse would ruin it since there is no tube around it to protect it. Keeping it safe at home was no problem, though.

  3. That is a very generous offer but I would only let you let me try the less expensive one, save the super precious one all for you!

  4. That's a beautiful color! And it looks wonderful on you. My biggest blogging mishaps mostly have to do with falling over when trying to take a picture of something at a weird angle – I don't have a yard to lock myself out into, heh. You could always buy the refill and melt it into some other pan, but then you run the risk of burning and staining etc… bleh.

    • I know, it's magical!! I wouldn't want to spend $55 on the replacement only to have it ruined. If I'm going to take the plunge, the extra $20 won't kill me. First it gets thoroughly compared to Rebel, though. I have to be absolutely steadfast in my madness!

      Oh, I've done that in the course of my regular photography. 🙂 Yeah, I guess living in a house in Brooklyn with a backyard makes me an anomaly! But it does not provide the most scintillating of backdrops…

    • I meant every word! I love your blog and your photos. And your face. (But not in a creepy way!) I've never even heard of that brand. We should do a swap some time! x

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