Small haul, but useful haul.
Small haul, but useful haul.

Guys have their power tools. Women have their makeup tools. It’s how we face the world, respectively.

One day I will invest in some of the really expensive makeup brushes that I keep eyeing. (I’m super curious to try some of the Hakuhodo brushes!), but, for now, this is what I got.

Based on the raves from gh0sparties, I bought the Sigma F80 flat Kabuki brush. The flat surface makes it great for really working in your foundation so it disappears on your skin. I’ve now used it with a couple of different brands and formulas, and it works well with all.  For less than $21 on sale, I think this was a wise investment of my meager dollars.

My second purchase was a long time coming. I think a lot of women have an eyelash curler in their repertoire but mostly look at it like, “What am I really supposed to do with you?!” It takes a special occasion to strap your eyelids into that contraption, and half the time you wind up pinching yourself uncomfortably, making your eye run, ruining your makeup.

Another problem I have (as so many makeup artists like to tell me in dismay), my eyes turn down at the ends (part of why I have trouble with doing a cat eye liner…none of the usual tricks work to help me figure out when to do my flick), so fitting all my lashes into a conventional curler is always a struggle.

When I was at the Sunday Riley counter being forcibly made over, they insisted I always needed to curl my lashes, because it makes a huge impact on my eyes. (My lashes are long, but thin, and light at the ends, so mascara is always a must. Apparently so is a curler.)

Of course, the Shu Uemura eyelash curler is legendary in beauty circles, but I have only had a Revlon one. (Shhh, don’t tell, or they’ll revoke my beauty blogger credentials!) That’s why I was so excited when I saw that Shu Uemura released the S curler; I knew right away how to use it and why they designed it. (For freaks like me!)

So when Temptalia offered up a discount code for Shu Uemura, I had to take the opportunity to try it. And since the Hearts and Flowers by Murakami edition was the same price as the regular S curler, well, a little cutesiness on your makeup tools can’t hurt, right?

I used it for the first time this morning, and I don’t know why so many people have a steep learning curve with it. Maybe it’s because I understood instinctively the minute I first saw it. My eyelashes were perfectly curled, with no struggle to get the outer lashes included.

It does take a little bit more time, since you’re working in smaller sections rather than getting all your lashes in one go (but, really, who gets them all in one go, anyway?!). But you also have control and can create special looks. For example, today, I only concentrated on my outer eyelashes, to add drama and evoke a look of false lashes. So it’s more versatile as well.

Again, not that the Shu Uemura curlers are break-the-bank expensive, but for less than full price, this investment is going to be well worth it.

Have you tried either of these? What are your favorite makeup tools? Have you bought any new ones recently?

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10 comments on “Mini haul: Makeup tools”

  1. I have some RealTechniques brushes and they work really well for me.

    And gasp I use the 1 buck eyelash curler by e.l.f and it works like a charm for me… When I remember to curl mine that is.

    • If ELF made one of the precision ones…well, let's be honest, I'd still want the Shu one, ha. But I probably would have gotten the ELF. (Wait, DO they make the precision kind?!)

  2. Eyelash curlers scare me. I have one. Just a drugstore no-name one. I never use it. I tried it once. Got scared. Never tried it again.

    • Maybe because the top of this style is so small, it's not scary or dangerous looking. And there's a pad that rests on your eye to steady your hand. Unlike those things that look like your eye is about to be put in a cage! 🙂

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