Red Romance—Serge Lutens Roman Rouge Lipstick

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You win some, you lose some. I’ve finally just started to get the hang of photographing myself with a tripod. I’d seen some gorgeous photos taken with a 50mm lens, so I decided to try mine. Did you know that I didn’t know until yesterday, despite the fact that I purchased the damn thing myself, that my lens wasn’t autofocus? Or maybe it used to work with my old camera?

Anyhoo. The photos I took are slightly out of focus. But you can still see.

I wanted to show you what color number 2, Roman Rouge, in the Serge Lutens sampler looks like. You know, the one I abandoned on the day in photos halfway through for Pourpre Maure.


And yet somehow the door is in focus…

It really is a lovely color. It’s not quite red, as in the reds that I’ve been looking at and trying out, but it’s a good alternative for a day I don’t want to commit to the upkeep of a red lip.


Still, it’s a pretty color

In terms of wear, it does match Pourpre Maure. Dries down to a satin finish and really lasts, without transferring.

Luckily, my heart has not been completely lost to this one (though if I bought refills for the other colors, I could just switch off with the one case…).

What do you think of this one? What’s on your lips these days?

ALSO, MY HAIR HAS GOTTEN SO FREAKING LONG. That will happen when you’re unemployed for 5 months and don’t think cutting your hair is a priority.

However, I am getting a haircut TOMORROW!! Monday (due to illness).  But I’m undecided as to what to do. My hair has never gotten this long looking decent, and while I normally wear it more mid-length, I’ve sort of gotten attached to it this way. Help me decide!

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