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(Please forgive me if none of this is coherent. I have spent the last 20 hours feeling like I was going to die and floating in a fever high. [Understandably, the haircut has been postponed.])

Rediscovered makeup favorites Everyone talks about going shopping in their own closet, ie, rediscovering items they forgot they had, so it’s like getting something new. While I was unemployed, I started to do the same thing with my (granted, significant) makeup stash.

And isn’t it the best thing when you find makeup that you forgot you had and/or discover new ways of using it?! (I actually, strangely, tend to stick to using products the way the makeup artist used it on me, so this was branching out for me. 😉 )

So here are my rediscovered makeup favorites.

Rediscovered makeup favorites
The colors are very hard to capture adequately

Let’s start with #1, Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Twilight Night Shimmer Ink. In general, the Bobbi Brown gel liners replaced MAC Fluidline as my gel liner of choice (because I’m a masochist?). I’ve found that they last just that little bit longer, and when you have oily skin and anything you put on your lower lash line migrates, you decide to pay more for that luxury.

The color of Twilight Night is very hard to describe. Bobbi Brown listed it as “black plum and golden pearl,” and it does have a dark, plummy, grey, sparkly effect. I’ve used this a lot with the eye look I do with MAC Patina, Shale, and Beauty Marked eyeshadows when I don’t want to do dramatic black liner. It blends into the color scheme so well, and looks amazing when I wear a dark plum look.

Sadly, this color is not part of the main collection, but it’s still available on Amazon and eBay.

#2 is MAC Retrospeck eyeshadow. I bought this as an upper lid shade for a teal eye look I had done once. And that’s all I ever really used it for. Until I decided that I liked wearing gold eyeshadow with red and dark lipsticks.

Except, with my coloring, gold shadows turn VERY yellow on me, and I don’t like that. A makeup artist suggested I try champagne colors instead, but I didn’t want to give up that easy. That’s when I saw Retrospeck sitting there in my stash and tried it.

MAC describes it as “beached blonde” (yes, really), and I don’t know what that means, but it winds up being the perfect non-yellow gold on me. Because it’s the Lustre finish, it does have a little bit of glitter in it, but there is not really any bad fallout.

I’m really happy I decided to branch out with this one.

Rediscovered makeup favorites
SO hard to capture

Next up is #3 Sisley Phyto Lip Shine Ultra Shining Lipstick in 6 Sheer Burgundy. This is one of the only 2 or 3 lipsticks I have finished in my entire life. My friend Andrea discovered this formula when we were in Paris, purchasing 5 Sheer Raspberry. It has more color than lip gloss, but is shinier than lipstick, and keeps your lips hydrated.

Sadly, it’s ridiculously expensive in the United States, so the next time I was in Paris, I stocked up on a few colors, including Sheer Burgundy. And then the next time I was there, I bought 2 more.

People say it’s like a sheer wine/burgundy color, but on me, it wears like a cool, darker pink. It pretty much looks like this swatch on me. And it works well with some of the purple-tinted eyeshadows I used to favor. I wore this color almost exclusively for about a year, but I picked it up again the other day, and fell back in love.

Have you tried any of these? Have you rediscovered any products that are now favorites again?

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10 comments on “Rediscovered Makeup Favorites – Bobbi Brown, MAC, and Sisley”

  1. I just dug my Sisley out of my makeup bag to look at it again! I forgot it was even called Raspberry, and the color itself has some orange or yellow tones in it, so I wear it when I don't want to wear more blue toned colors. I don't wear it that often, so I do have some left, but I have worn it down to the S from the imprint of Sisley on the side (which I thought looked so cool.) The packaging is of course, awesome – that shiny metal tube with the cut out S on the side, the top is so shiny I can use it as a mirror when applying, and also the velvet lipstick tube cozy, which has kept the tube from getting scuffed up in my makeup bag that I carry with me every day.

    • Yeah, I find the names don't really fit the colors. 5 is definitely warmer and 6 is definitely more of a pink on me than a burgundy.

  2. I use MAC fluid line but I have purchased a few bobbi brown products recently and I really love them, my eyeline doesn't last long so very interested in that, the colour sounds lovely, does it show up a lot on your eyes, I can't wear plumy shades but I like the idea of an off black.


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