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Confession time. On one of my visits to Barneys New York, I caved and finally purchased something I’d been wanting for a while. Not the $75-dollar lipstick. This one was more affordable.

I’ve been lusting after celebrity makeup artist Troy Surratt‘s new makeup line, Surratt, since what seems like forever (but is actually just mid-October). In particular, even more than the  Automatique Lip Crayon in Alluring, which is supposed to be a look-good-on-everyone red, I wanted to try the Autographique Liner.

I was fascinated by the description of how it was inspired by calligraphy pens and contains a similar capillary system. An important point to me was the point, which is fine and made of nylon, not felt. I really do love the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, but the felt tip does tend to lose its sharp tip and get fuzzy, which causes the straight line you’re trying to draw to have a ragged top edge.

Also, the Autographique Liner is refillable. So your initial purchase may be $42, which is a little high, but when you use it up, you’re only buying an $18-dollar refill.

It's a thing of beauty, really
Sorry, I know the aperture got fuzzy on the tip, but you can still see how sharp it is.

I have a sort-of dysfunction when doing a cat eye/flick because of my downward-turning eyes (the same reason I am loving my new eyelash curler). I have followed all the tutorials for how to know when and where to do the flick, and every time, my liner comes out differently. I just can’t judge the same.

So having my eyeliner tip get fuzzy and ruin my line adds an extra challenge that I don’t need. I was hoping the Autographique Liner would solve at least that problem, and boy has it.

I took another photo of the tip so that you could get some sense of how fine-tipped it is. The nylon tip is not a single piece, the way the felt-tip pens are, but instead made up of individual nylon fibers that thin out. But they also hold their shape, so the tip of the pen is never going to go wonky on you.

A thing of beauty
A thing of beauty

The first stroke of the liner isn’t thick and dark, so you do have to go over it again, but my god is it thin. Paper thin. It really allows for more precision when lining. I still have trouble because of my eye shape, but I’m also able to work in much smaller increments, more precisely, so my flicks still wind up nice and sharp and thin. (Even if they never look the same from day to day.)

I took some comparison photos for you to see the lines that each make with 1, 2, and 3 strokes.



As you can see, the Surratt liner wins by far in the first stroke. It’s amazing how thin a line you can draw.

The Autoraphique Liner is a touch more matte than the Stila, which is strangely reflective, though not shiny or shimmery. It just stays looking a little wet. The ink in the Surratt liner also stays more contained where you put it, and doesn’t bleed out as much when first applied, as you can see below.


The only thing about the Surratt liner that I think can be improved is that it does tend to migrate down/bleed over the day. I have to do periodic checks and wipe off black that has accumulated underneath the flick. The Stila liner stays where you put it a lot better.

Still, for the luxury of being able to work so precisely with my liner, with a tip that is so beautiful it almost makes you cry (seriously, the nylon tip WILL NEVER GET FUZZY AND ALWAYS STAYS IN A SHARP POINT), I have reached for this liner over the Stila liner every day since I’ve had it. And that’s saying a LOT.

Have you tried either of these? What’s your go-to liner? Do you have any suggestions for me for how to line my eyes like a normal person (with eyes that turn down at the ends)?

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6 comments on “Review: Surratt Autographique Liner”

  1. Black liquid eyeliner that stays put. That is an essential!! For years my favorite had been L'Oreal Lineur Intense Brush Tip, and it was water resistant. But then I learned about Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof liquid liner in Perversion from Keiko Lynn and that is now my #1 eyeliner. I have tried felt tip eyeliners that claimed to be water resistant (including a L'Oreal felt tip liner), but the texture and consistency is definitely more magic marker like than the UD 24/7 and L'Oreal Brush Tip and it would bleed (upward for me, weird, right?), run or disappear in patches by the middle of the day. I constantly have to put drops in my eyes because of my contact lenses, and sometimes my allergies make my eyes runny, so for me, waterproof eyeliner is a must, and it's actually even more important than waterproof mascara.

  2. Liquid liner is a bit of a disaster for me, I don't have very steady hands, so while I end up looking ok, it takes a while to get there, and many many Q tips! I love the idea of this being more like a fine paintbrush than a kids pen, you get the fine perfect line that you want!

    Cornelia (I am going to email you – just been on 4 7am-8pm days and I'm zombied!)

    • This brush is a DREAM, it really is. I have to q-tip less. A lot less. 🙂 (I just wish it didn't migrate as much.)

      And no worries, I've been all around and about, so it's fine!

  3. I really like the tattoo liner from Kat Von D. I got it as a 100 point perk for myself and I just had to get the full size after using it. I've used the Stila before, and it's not bad, it just doesn't compare to my new liner love either!

    • I have that one as well, but I felt it took a lot more than the Stila to get really dark, so I eventually just started reaching for my Stila again. 🙂

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