Merry Christmas to all my readers who celebrate! I hope Santa has fulfilled all your wishes! Me, I’m left still curating my endless wishlist. (I feel like an endless wishlist is a metaphor for life. :p ) And this week’s is a doozy!

I was lucky enough to get to meet up with the lovely Olivia of Cleopatra’s Bling (of which I waxed poetic last week) on her visit to NY. (And I got to pick up some gems in person! 😀 ) But her rings were almost eclipsed by her amazing Lack of Color hat (made in Australia, her native country, from 100% Australian wool).

You know someone is wearing a good hat when you literally want to steal it off of their head. Or, in Olivia’s case, when New Yorkers on the street stop her to tell her how much they love it and ask where she got it.

Seriously one of the most adorable human beings I have ever met
Seriously one of the most adorable human beings I have ever met

I still have not bought my Goorin Bros hat, but I like this one precisely because it’s outside of my comfort zone (=vintage-y looking). It’s not the one I would have gravitated to myself. But I loved it so much, I stared at it all night. I made her let me try it on, but I didn’t have a mirror to look in. Olivia assured me it looked good. (Different head/face shapes work better with different hat shapes.)

I do have a black regular fedora (which I may or may not have bought in the image of Carl Barat, shut it), so when I went to look up the hat, I avoided being tempted by the black. I don’t need another black fedora. (Although I did look at it.)

silverhazemontana Image by Lack of Color

I thought that the gorgeous Silver Haze color could be a good neutral. It’s more interesting than black, and isn’t camel.

3 Image by Lack of Color

Although the camel (or Mirage) IS quite nice, too.

4 Image by Lack of Color

The Cobalt Coltrane is, in a word, breathtaking. But the bright color would possibly limit the things I would wear it with. Cause I’m a woos.

2 Image by Lack of Color

But, ultimately, I think my heart lies with the pink (perfectly called The Dreamer. It was meant to be mine). I was surprised at how much I loved it on Olivia and how its pale color really does make it almost a neutral. (Or maybe I’m just single white female-ing Olivia. 😉 )

But since I’m becoming the queen of polls, I figured I would let you tell me.

Are designer handbags worth the price?

What do you think of the hats? (If you like them, they are having a Boxing Day sale!) What did you get for Christmas? What are you still wanting to get?

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6 comments on “Wishlist Wednesday #15 – Lack of Color Montana Hat plus a poll”

  1. Love hats. Hard to decide on fav colour… Strong competition btw silver, pink and cobalt.

    Of course I went to their Website and I'm officially in love with their fedoras as well. So tempted to order one but which colour… Silver, light blue (totally drawn to this odd choice) or fuchsia.

    You are a bad influence! 😉

    • I knowwww! Choosing a color is so hard! I caved and bought the pink one in their Boxing Day sale. It was thisclose between the pink and the cobalt, though. it's just such a gorgeous color. I'm still sad I couldn't get both! I think you'd look great in any of those colors. 😀

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