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I decided that instead of talking about all the things that I want, I would talk about the things that I have or that I don’t have but am just appreciating.

Alors, voici, les cinq petites choses que je suis amoureuse en ce moment (is that right?). The 5 little things I’m loving right now.

#1 – You’ll notice that I threw in some French again, and that’s heavily influenced by two of the things on the list today.

I was talking to my friend Darren in Montreal, and he recommended some music artists to me who sing in French. (As we know, I like them.) I promptly went and looked them up, and super glad I did. I’m pretty crap discussing music (despite how much I love listening to it), so I’ll paraphrase Darren.

Alex Nevsky – Himalaya Mon Amour He’s kind of chamber pop/rock with some 60s influences. Apparently, “On leur a fait croire” became an actual radio hit up there, despite the fact that though it sounds so fun, the lyrics are terribly sarcastic and dark.

Le Couleur – Voyage Love EP (Yes, “Le,” not “La,” the error is apparently intentional.) It has a very disco synth sound, but it’s undeniably modern. I even like it despite the synth. 😉 “Vacances de 87” and “Voyage amoureux” are great to dance to.

Peter Peter – Une version améliorée de la tristesse He’s apparently the indie darling up in Montreal. He used to make more folk rock music, but discovered the synthesizer for this album, so it’s kind of experimental synth pop. And good.

(Okay, so technically this was 3 things. A bonus. 😉 )

French music

#2 – I had been reading all about Les Revenants, or, The Returned, in entertainment magazines. They were going on and on about how good the TV series was, so I made sure to DVR all the episodes when they aired on the Sundance Channel.

Come Tuesday and a day off, and I had planned on spending the whole day in bed binge watching the entire thing, but thought that I might not wind up watching the whole thing.

Oh yeah. All the episodes in a day.

It was the television equivalent of the first Hunger Games book, which I read in one night because I just couldn’t put it down until I found out how it ended. Although, ultimately, the finale felt more like Mockingjay (if you know what I mean).

There weren’t fancy effects or gimmicks. It relied on the building of suspense in so many ways, including facial expressions and silences and this creepy, creepy music that would play.

Despite the fact that when you examine the plot closely, it was pretty much Swiss cheese with plot holes, and it was frustrating that certain interesting storylines wound up getting completely dropped or never went anywhere or were never explained, I haven’t enjoyed a series from start to finish as much as I enjoyed this French zombie television show.

Never fear if you missed it: it’s now available on iTunes.

#3 – I looked up one of the jewelry designers that I discovered over Thanksgiving Weekend at Henri Bendel, Dara Ettinger. To my eternal wonder, after despairing at the prices on her web site, just as I had at Bendels, I found that all the items in her Etsy shop were on sale! Including the ring that I really wanted that day! It felt like fate. And like I was being rewarded for resisting. (Though I ultimately succumbed.)

But I couldn’t be more pleased with my new ring!


#4 – I had ordered a pair of earrings from Poor Sparrow previously, and was sorely tempted by a few more pieces during their Black Friday sale. But I held fast.

But only until the next Monday. Once I saw there was a Cyber Monday sale, as well, I just couldn’t resist any longer. The pieces are so reasonably priced, plus the sale, and I really have no regrets.

Plus, look how pretty they are!


#5 – Last year just around Thanksgiving time, I was visiting with my wonderful friends Alex and Scott in Edinburgh. They are addicted to Lush, and could even be called aficionados. They even keep a sheet where they rate the products!

When I hopped into the shower, Alex told me I could try out any of their products, and particularly recommended I try the Ponche shower gel, which is limited edition for the holiday time (it’s sadly already sold out, even). I emerged from the shower and declared my intention to immediately go out and buy some. (Well, maybe not immediately. I was still wet, and it was November in Scotland.)

Once I had some Ponche of my own, I would literally sniff my arm when I came out of the shower because it smelled so good. It’s like orange, but warmer, and with an almost boozy scent. (This sounds terrible, but I promise you, it’s amazing.) I posted on Lush’s Facebook page telling them they should make a perfume out of the scent.

Well, guess what? Ask and ye shall receive.

So the last thing I’m loving lately is my Ponche perfume. 🙂 If the sweetness of it gets to me, I layer it with a little of my sample of Vaara by Penhaligon’s for a little warmer depth.


What have you been loving lately?

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6 comments on “Les Cinq Petites Choses #4”

    • Thank you, that's such a compliment! 🙂

      She has a lot of bigger rings, but that one is on the understated side. It's gorgeous and sparkly and I love it. And I know what you mean, it's hard to differentiate all the smells when you go in! The Ponche perfume is only available online, and I knew I wanted it anyway, so I didn't have to worry about it! x

    • Thank you! And I have only tried the Ponche, but I knew in advance that I needed it. 🙂 Really like your blog, and have just followed you! x

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