For various and sundry reasons, 2013 was kind of a huge bust. And I know, I know, that means I should so, so be looking forward to letting the door hit it on the way out, but I have been able to muster no enthusiasm for New Years.

Only a small part of the reason is that, once again, I’m single on New Years. And, sure, one could look at it as an excuse to go find someone to kiss at midnight, but, UGH. I’m too old and too over that. (Or maybe I’m just saying all this to have a good excuse to post this song.)

Either way, if I wind up doing something or if I don’t, this is going to be me New Years anthem. (But, if I could be half as awesome as this song and Robyn, I’d be doing quite well for myself.)

After all, “all adventurous women do.”

How was your year? Are you looking forward to New Years? What will your anthem be?

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9 comments on “Music Monday #15 – Dancing On My Own by Robyn”

  1. 2013 was so lala. Not yet too excited by 2014 as have not quite made up my mind on few things (and they are not really under my control to some degree). But in the end there will be an upside to anything.

    My plan for tomorrow… See friends in early afternoon. Go home and bundle up on couch with bunch of British Detective movies, a drink or two and some food… And if I feel like it I will doze off before midnight… Just bc I can 😉

    • 2013 sucked BALLS. :p

      I so wish I could join you tomorrow! It would be a lovely way to see out the year. But I will probably be at home watching TV with an adult beverage as well. 🙂

  2. I'm mustering up almost no enthusiasm for NYE as well, for several different reasons and am thisclose to staying in with a bottle of wine and a cheesy movie. WE SHALL SEE!

    And this is an amazing song! My love for Robyn is just..ahhh! I approve so much, girl! And here's to you having an amazing year with so many positive things and changes and successes, bb! It's been amazing getting to know you this last year and can't wait to continue this year! <3

    • I'm working from home today and I'm in my pajamas and this is not going to change. They may get a bit dirty from sloshing booze on them later as I watch cheesy movies, though. THAT IS MY NIGHT AND I HAVE NO REGRETS.

      I love you so much and I hope this year is so much easier for you and helps you fulfill your dreams and wishes! Thank you for being such a great friend with friend stuff but also with encouraging me on there. I couldn't do it without you. 🙂 And hopefully I will see you in Portugal and we can dance to this song together!! <3 <3

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