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I wanted to slip this one in while it was still 2013 to avoid any negativity so early in the new year. 😉 So, I fell on my head a few weeks ago and ordered the Chanel Ombres Matelassées de Chanel Eyeshadow Palette in Charming on my Bloomingdale’s card (if you know how much it cost, you know why I say “fell on my head”). I blame Lisa Eldridge and her using the greyish purple color on the far right in this tutorial.


I realized I could not justify such an extravagant purchase for a single color out of 5. Luckily, all the reviews I read said that the middle bronze color was just absolutely beautiful. The reviews also said that it was a great neutral palette that you could take with you when traveling to simplify your choices.

It doesn’t take a lot to convince me to buy things, so these were definitely enough. Also the knowledge that it was flying off the shelves and suddenly hard to find (as all things Lisa Eldridge mentions, it seems).

I actually didn’t use it for at least 2 weeks after it arrived, though I kept thinking about my “precious” sitting in my makeup drawer. I finally pulled it out a couple of says ago and…well…

To start with, I knew in advance that all the colors but the bronze were matte. That’s okay. I didn’t mind. The bronze was supposed to be a buttery, gorgeously pigmented color. In the meantime, I had actually been wanting a bronze metallic in that shade in my repertoire, so I could not believe when I applied it. I put it on and thought someone must have been heavily drugged while writing their review. It applied not like a metallic but like a matte with slight glittery particles in it. It did not shimmer. You could not even see the metallic particles unless you looked close up. It just looked kind of…brown.

I was not able to get photos in the daylight, so I had to use the macro function on my point and shoot when I got home after the day. Sorry for the scary close ups.

A bit of shine after the day
A bit of shine after the day
And red eyes from insomnia
And red eyes from insomnia

I tried in a different light as well, so you could see that this definitely was not a metallic.

P1000105 P1000104 So I was back to not being able to justify the price for a single shade out of five. Back, it had to go!

At least this gave me the amusing experience of returning this to the Chanel counter and having the makeup artist look incredulously at me and say, “These flew off our shelves, I can’t believe you’re returning it.” I wish I had said, “Well, it’s just not that special,” but of course I didn’t. (She also then opened it and began to examine the shadows itself and I suddenly became paranoid that you weren’t actually able to return it after using it…such is the power of Chanel…)

So that makes my second disappointment this year with cult products (read here for my first).

Have you tried this palette? Is it ever okay to buy makeup just to leave on your dresser and look at like a piece of art?

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12 comments on “Chanel Holiday Eyeshadow Palette – Charmed, I’m not”

    • I CAN'T EVEN EXPRESS HOW MUCH IT WASN'T DOING IT. I wanted to cry, because I really wanted to keep that damn thing! (I may have picked up something a tiny bit cheaper when I returned it that has a much better bronze shade…but it's definitely not as pretty to look at in the case…) Oh man, the sales in the UK must be better—they never have sales like that on high-end makeup! (That I know of, anyway.)

  1. Hmm, did you try it over different bases? But honestly I don't know if that would make a big difference, because the middle shade doesn't even look that metallic in the pan. Too bad… I would have returned it too.

    • I didn't just used it over my primer. It did look more metallic in the pan. Or on other reviewers? I don't remember. I really just wanted to keep it to look at. :p

    • Well, it's too late for this one, but I'll try it with other ones similar. Thanks for the tip! 🙂 And your blog is lovely and you're in NY, too! I look forward to reading. Happy New Year!

      Shani x

  2. You can return make-up that you used – I did not know that. Good to know.

    Back home when you were still able to get great facial with high end products plus day make-up for way less than 200++ …. I did that on regular basis bc I was able to see how shades worked on my skin/complexion before buying. Still remember a Chanel set in pink, burgundy and brown that was to die for!

  3. I know that Marc Jacobs is not quite as iconic as Chanel, but they put out a fabulous range of palettes recently, and I've heard that the Lolita palette which is full of neutrals is to die for. The packaging is pretty sleek and I quite like the one that I decided to splurge on called Starlet. The pigmentation of the metallic finishes that I got in my palette were great, so I imagine that the colors in that palette are the same.

    I don't know if you've seen it (or if you already have it) but it might be something to keep in mind 🙂
    Sorry it didn't work out with the Chanel palette, I know that's always a bummer even when you can get your money back!

    • I've been super curious about the Marc Jacobs line, actually. There's a trio palette with a purple color that I have eyed in Sephora every time. (I have VIB Rouge status; I should just make an appointment to have them use the products on me and get a feel for them.) I'm not even usually that into neutrals, it was just the allure of Lisa Eldridge and her recommendations! But I'll have to try them sometime. I went and saw the swatches on you blog, and it looks lovely! And, yeah, when cult items go wrong, it is disappointing, even when you can get your money back. 🙂

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