Changes are going on behind the scenes at shedreamsinperfectfrench. This is going to include a change to my blog theme. Which, of course, makes me wonder about blog layouts.

I know that I definitely prefer reading some blogs over others, and so much has to do with design and layout. I want my blog to be pleasing to my readers, so I would love your input as to which blog layout style you prefer to read.

I’m kind of layout illiterate, so let me explain what I mean by the choices below with examples:

Choice 1: Continuous reading on one page
This is the style I currently have. You come to my blog, you find the latest entry, you scroll down to read (sometimes with a “read more” tag).

Choice 2: Large most recent post with thumbnail magazine layout
The most recent entry is in large at the top, and the archives appear as a grid of images below. Zoé Macaron is an example of this style.

Choice 3: Dynamic large posts with thumbnail magazine layout
A couple of most recent entries appear in a large carousel at the top, and the archives appear as a grid of images below. Gemsmaquillage is an example of this style.

Choice 4: Large main image for each post, click to read
Each post is represented by a large image, running vertically down the page. To read the entry, you click on the image. Vivianna Does Makeup is an example of this style.

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10 comments on “Poll: Which blog layout style do you prefer?”

    • I currently, like you, have popular posts in a sidebar, though I don't have thumbnails for mine. I just wonder if people just like to come to a page and start reading. And I wonder if having to click on something to read a post discourages people from reading. We must consider that bounce rate! 😉

  1. My vote is for #1, unless you plan on having your blog be primarily photography-focused. #2 is also okay. I like seeing at least a snippet of text. If you're looking for a design that has a big thumbnail AND a snippet for each recent post that's also a thing you could do. This is a good example:

    If you're staying with #1, I would advocate use of the jump ("read more" link) on long posts (anything with more than one image certainly) to reduce load times and endless scrolling. That will also increase the number of pageviews slightly. I have mine set up so most posts have the "read more" on the front page of my blog but people who are subscribed via RSS see the whole post content in their feed reader.
    My recent post Birchbox January 2014 (Review & Photos)

    • I thought it was odd that beauty/lifestyle blogs were using those formats, but then I wondered if maybe people liked it that way. I also like a bit of snippet with my photo. I used to use read more, but seem to have forgotten about it recently. I blame the job! 🙂

      Is there some special setting by which you have it set up for the RSS subscribers that way?

      P.S. Thanks for the endless advice. 🙂

  2. I chose "Large most recent post with thumbnail magazine layout" for the poll, but I was torn between that and "Continuous reading with 'read more' if photo or text heavy."

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