The Search for the Perfect Red: Surratt Mégalomane Automatique Lip Crayon

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The search for the perfect red has led me on to Surratt Mégalomane Automatique Lip Crayon. I’ve been dying to try this for ages, so I’m pleased to share my findings!

If you’ll remember, I initially thought I wanted the Surratt Alluring Automatique Lip Crayon (described as “a perfect red”), but when I saw them in person, I decided on the Surratt Mégalomane Automatique Lip Crayon (described as “a blue red”). I still think they are the counterparts to Ruby Woo and Russian Red, so we’ll see about that…

Surratt Mégalomane Automatique Lip Crayon

Here she is!

Surratt Mégalomane Automatique Lip Crayon

Right, this is why I usually do it in the backyard…I can’t see anything! Am I in the photo?

Surratt Mégalomane Automatique Lip Crayon

You know it’s cold when I need to put a jacket on to take these photos. (It was 9 F/-13 C.)


Surratt Mégalomane Automatique Lip Crayon

Is this squinty or sexy? I can’t tell…

Mégalomane is definitely a more subdued red than a lot of my other ones, an everyday red. Which sounds weird and wrong, but it’s actually great. I can wear this and not worry about maintaining it through the day. I’m not always making sure this is wearing okay. And it’s also super easy to apply from the pencil.

It reminds me of trying on NARS Dragon Girl, which I just got, because I was surprised at how unsaturated it is. Not that this one is unsaturated—it’s a beautiful shade—but it is a bit less IN YOUR FACE RED. It’s soft and I felt so pretty wearing it. It rubs off into a cup looking pretty pink.

Surratt Mégalomane Automatique Lip Crayon

Back to the backyard, where at least I can see!

It’s a matte finish, but doesn’t feel as thick or as heavy as other mattes. Consequently, I noticed that it also didn’t last as long. It did, however, unlike thicker mattes, wear off in a pretty uniform manner, and if I just rubbed my lips together a bit, I didn’t have to worry about the dreaded Ring Around the Mouth look. And it certainly was not drying, like other mattes.

Surratt Mégalomane Automatique Lip Crayon

Surratt Mégalomane Automatique Lip Crayon Outfit details:
Leather jacket: Bod and Christensen from Nordstrom (old)
Vegan leather skirt: Tinley Road from Piperlime
Shirt: HD in Paris from Anthropologie (old)
Belt: Nat & Nin
Necklace: Les Néréides

To answer the question about how it compares with Ruby Woo, Russian Red, and even Box and Rouge Rock, I swatched them side by side by side.

Red lipstick comparisons

With flash

Red lipstick comparisons

Without flash

Strangely, in the swatches, it doesn’t look lighter or less saturated, but it goes on that way, as you can see in the photos above.

Overall, I’ve been impressed with the two Surratt items I’ve purchased, and I can’t wait to try more. And I really like that I’ve discovered my easy, breezy, beautiful red. Maybe I’ll achieve the French beauty ideal one day after all! (J’espère!)

What do you think of this color? Which one have you preferred so far? What is your favorite red?

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