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Topshop The Damned Collection from Cult Beauty

I was so super excited when Cult Beauty had the Topshop The Damned Collection in its winter sale. I’d been dying to get my hand on Velvet Lips in Velveteen Ribbon ever since I saw it on I Covet Thee, but I had no money to buy it at the time, and then it sold out in the US. I literally bought the collection set for just the lipstick, but it was worth it, because it’s a complete face in a bag!

Topshop The Damned Collection

Funny story: Apparently nail polish is now considered a hazardous material, and so you can no longer ship it from the UK. In fact, because of this, it wasn’t letting me make my purchase. The amazing people at Cult Beauty responded to me right away and explained the situation, and said that they would remove the nail polish from the kit and send the rest to me. Awesome.

On to the look!

Topshop The Damned Collection from Cult Beauty

1. I used the Cheek and Eye Duo in Bitten Cherry on…you guessed it, my cheeks and eyes. 😉 The pale pink color is perfect for just a wash of color on the lids, and the darker color is a perfect blush color for the Velveteen Ribbon.

Topshop The Damned Collection from Cult Beauty

2. The Illuminating Face Powder in White was brushed lightly on the tops of my cheekbones as a highlighter and on my brow bones.

Topshop The Damned Collection from Cult Beauty

3. I confess, I initially forgot about the Eye Gleam in Noir at first, and just used my regular liquid liner. But then I used an eyeliner brush to add it on top to add a sparkle.

Topshop The Damned Collection from Cult Beauty

4. Then it was time to paint my lips scarlet! Velvet Ribbon is Topshop’s version of the liquid-to-powder lipstick, like Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick. This kind of formula is honestly not my favorite, in general. I know it lasts forever, but it’s SOOOO drying on my lips, and it always wears off on the inside and looks weird, and unlike with say a lipstick or lip pencil, you can’t mush what’s left around on your lips to even out the distribution. And the outside line is always so obvious. Still this color, like Stila Beso, is so gorgeous.

In case you wanted to know how the two compare:

Stila Beso vs Topshop Velveteen Ribbon

Velveteen Ribbon is a bit darker, a bit browner. Both are gorgeous.

Topshop The Damned Collection from Cult Beauty

Topshop The Damned Collection from Cult Beauty

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11 comments on “Haul: Topshop The Damned Collection from Cult Beauty”

    • Ooh, that's good to know! I've been curious about trying new things, so I'm glad to hear you're liking them. 🙂

      I love that you wrote about the study about Retail Therapy—I've been telling everyone off who chastises me for doing it, now armed with scientific proof! 😉 xoxo

    • Does a tripod and remote control count as a selfie? 🙂

      Thank you so much! I love it, but my mom thinks it's "a little too much." *roll eyes* I got it from eBay, so I didn't list it, since it's a vintage one-off. I didn't want to tease anyone!

    • I haven't heard about too much of it, but this color was to die for, and I'm so glad I was finally able to get it. Again, it's the kind of formula I don't love, but beggars can't be choosers? 😉 I'd like to try some other products for sure. (Shocker. 🙂 )

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