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Ever since I first tried it on in October, I’ve been dreaming of By Terry Rouge Terrybly in Terrific Rouge. (Say THAT ten times fast.) Terrible name aside, at $49 a pop, By Terry Rouge Terrybly lipsticks are an investment, even when you are employed. So it took me a while to work my way round to getting this.

And, guys? I’m in trouble. I want this formula in every color now. And I’m saying this about a lipstick, a RED lipstick, that’s not matte!

By Terry Rouge Terrybly in Terrific Rouge

I’m not sure if this is why it’s so expensive (is there ever an excuse?), but these are billed as a dual lipstick and lip treatment.

The first volume and firmness lipstick enriched with the BY TERRY exclusive and anti-aging Lumilip® Technology to rejuvenate and embellish every smile with silky color.

I don’t know what that means and what is actually in there, but let me tell you, it’s good. It’s like having lip balm on all day, except that it’s this gorgeous, saturated color, instead. And I do mean all day. This lasts like crazy, again, considering it’s not a matte.

By Terry Rouge Terrybly in Terrific Rouge To start with, the lipstick applies so silkily. Actually, it’s so silky going on, that I almost find it a bit tricky to work with. I use my Bite Beauty Line and Define Lip Primer to start with and my MAC Cherry lip pencil, to outline the perimeter and then using a lip brush, I paint my lips in and cover the lip liner. Then I blot and apply another layer straight from the tube.

By Terry Rouge Terrybly in Terrific Rouge At first it stays creamy on my lips, and after a little while, it kind of dries down to a not-matte, but a satin finish that adheres to your lips and isn’t slippery at all. But not messy. And it stays put. I took a photo to demonstrate how it looked after drinking a coffee and eating breakfast.

By Terry Rouge Terrybly in Terrific Rouge
It had barely worn off. Seriously.

In fact, I put it on at about 7:30 in the morning and didn’t really feel the need to reapply until around 5:00 in the afternoon. At that point, it was slightly messy on the edges and had mostly disappeared in the corners of my mouth, there was still a nice amount and beautiful color on the main part of my lips. But then I put on some more and it stayed the entire rest of the day.

By Terry Rouge Terrybly in Terrific Rouge

By Terry Rouge Terrybly in Terrific Rouge And not just stayed, but my lips felt great. You know how during the day little dry pieces of skin usually crop up? Nope, not with this one. All smooth. It wasn’t until I took it off that I felt the need for lip balm. The entire time wearing it, I didn’t feel the need for any. (Unlike some mattes where it’s all you can do not to slather balm over them because it defeats the purpose.)

By Terry Rouge Terrybly in Terrific Rouge The color is actually beautiful. In certain lights, it looks like a true, bright red. While in other lights, it looks like a darker red, like this.

By Terry Rouge Terrybly in Terrific Rouge The lipstick itself is pretty luxe. The metal case feels substantial and has a metallic closure that makes a snapping noise when closed. The bullet is(, terribly, :p ) engraved with “Terrybly.” It has a perfumey smell (that doesn’t last once applied). Does it justify the price? No. Do I still want every color? Yes. (Carnal Attraction. And I’d love an even deeper red, like the way it looks in darker lighting, but all the time. Not sure if Red Ceremony is what I’m looking for.)

By Terry Rouge Terrybly in Terrific Rouge Terrific Rouge may not be my “perfect red” (because I don’t think that exists—I’m too mutable [SUCH a Gemini!]), but I’m pretty sure this is my perfect lipstick formula!

By Terry Rouge Terrybly in Terrific Rouge Now I’m off to play the lottery so I can afford more. 😉

By Terry Rouge Terrybly in Terrific Rouge Outfit details:
Dress – eBay
Necklace – Liliclaspe

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? Which are your favorites? Do you like this red?

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17 comments on “The Search for the Perfect Red: By Terry Rouge Terrybly in Terrific Rouge”

    • I know, it's ridiculous, but they have so many gorgeous colors in this line. Put away $5 a week, and by spring, you can have one! And I just ignore the name. One must. 😉

    • Ha, I wish I could take credit for doing it on purpose, but it's really because every day my eyeliner comes out differently because I have so much trouble with the shape of my eyes and doing a proper flick. 🙁

    • Also, I need to figure out how French women look so good with red lipstick and just mascara. When I don't wear eyeshadow and liner, I look so washed out! Teach me! 😉

    • Thank you! I am the queen of vintage eBay shopping (really just because I don't have the patience to go through racks in thrift stores…or H&M *shudder*). And I think only once did the, "Ugly cool or ugly ugly?" test fail me. 🙂

  1. Also, when you said you blotted your lips after the first application, what exactly did you do? Blot it with a tissue or press your lips together or something else? I thought blotting with a tissue wasn't a good thing to do because it takes the color off and leaves little fibers from the tissue on your mouth. I always get annoyed with my mom when she does that because it's so old fashioned and then she barely has any lipstick left on. But my mother hates wearing lipstick, so…(sometimes I wonder how we are so different when it comes to makeup wearing.)

    • No, I used a tissue. Just lightly, barely touched it to my lips to take off a very thin layer. I've never had any problems with that. I don't smush it on to my lips or anything.

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