Basic black sweater

Basic black sweater by shedreamsinperfectfrench showing how to wear colored denim skirts

Uniqlo cashmere top / Colored denim skirt / CYCLE zipper skirt / Bea Dot mid calf length skirt / Cotton a line skirt / Current Elliott stretch denim skirt / Earrings / Everlane Slouchy Cashmere V-Neck / Lexington Pendant by Lili Claspe

I always joke that I could never be a Parisian/French woman, because I wear too much color. I so admire the minimalistic, neutral-color–wearing aesthetic that typifies Parisian style, I just don’t think I could ever pull it off long-term. (That’s why I adore reading Valentine and Naelle’s blogs, because they’re Parisians who dress however the hell they want to. 😉 )

So I’m surprised as anyone that, lately, all I have been wanting in my wardrobe is a plain black pullover sweater. Slightly on the loose side. Maybe with a v-neck. Soft and comforting. But oh-so Parisian. (Hmm, maybe navy would be more Parisian? 🙂 )

I just want something classic looking that I can pull on, on those days when I just don’t feel like bothering. See, I don’t wear pants/trousers/jeans, and sometimes I just feel so tired of putting together outfits. (Dresses are easy. They’re an instant outfit. But they’re not as comfortable as a soft sweater.)

I’ve been lusting after the Everlane Cashmere V-neck sweater. I know that I could get a cheaper cashmere sweater from Uniqlo, but I love Everlane’s aesthetic, and I’d love to try something of theirs out. (And theirs is a hell of a lot cheaper than the cashmere at J.Crew.) The actual problem is that I am super sensitive to woolens, even cashmere, and I’m just afraid that it would make me itch something fierce. I *could* always return it…

An alternative option is the Uniqlo Cotton Cashmere V-neck. That way it’s just a touch of the cashmere, and I know I can wear cotton. And it’s a fraction of the price, since it’s on sale right now. Quick, someone talk me into it!

But, see? It’s just so classic, a roomy black sweater. It goes with any kind of makeup (yes, this is a worry for me when getting dressed—I DO plan my makeup around my outfit :p ), and I could pair it with a dressier skirt, like any of those 2 options (I AM DYING OVER THE CUTENESS OF THE HEART SKIRT), or just a denim skirt (as my “jeans” option). I have a really hot waxed black denim skirt I just bought, as well as a classic dark blue wash, and also 2 colored denim skirts in cobalt blue and dark purple.

And you could either wear it with no jewelry, minimal jewelry, or make it a bit dressier with a chunky necklace or statement earrings. (How much do those earrings remind you of the ones Jennifer Lawrence wore at the SAG Awards?! I want them so badly.)

Part of me worries if I won’t get bored with it, though. Think it too plain. That’s why this slightly embellished version appeals to me. It has an edge and has the classic feel I’m looking for. But adding the embellishment kind of defeats the purpose. Hmm. (And now you know why I have yet to purchase any of them! 😉 )

What’s your style like? Do you tend to stick to classic cuts and neutral colors? Choose one accent color? Wear anything and everything (and maybe even all at the same time)?

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5 comments on “The outfit post: Basic black sweater”

  1. There is absolutely no way in the world you can go wrong getting a roomy black sweater. That is one of those essential basics. I need a new one. I wouldn't want to get all cashmere, not just because of the potential itchiness, but also because it's too delicate for me and I can be hard on my clothes (even if I still manage to keep them for years.) The pink cashmere sweater I got on sale in Fort William is on the itchy side, and within a short while after starting to wear it, I was getting holes in the sleeves 🙁 My cashmere scarf fared better. Eh, I don't think I'm a cashmere kind of girl anyway.

    • Cashmere is actually pretty sturdy. It apparently can even be machine washed, if you're feeling daring. But, still, maybe the cotton version is better for me… And leaves me money to buy other things. (Those earrings?!?!)

      • Cashmere is sturdy? Huh. I'll keep that in mind for any potential future possible cashmere purchases. Don't know what the issue was then with my sweater.

  2. I oddly don't have a black sweater, but I do have a dark navy one that I pair over a navy and white polka dotted tank with my dark skinnies and rock when I'm too lazy for anything else.

    I keep having the problem that I should probably add more colour to my wardrobe, but don't always know how. Colour and prints, actually. I like simple, like really simple. I'm mostly grey/black/navy (lots of stripes), which is kind of a sailor-esque thing, I'd like to think. (Oddly enough, I've always really wanted a pair of burgundy cords (like these <a href="” target=”_blank”>…” target=”_blank”> and just have never been able to find them in person to try/buy. SOBS.) Did see a girl on the metro with this rad pair of printed black pants that I'd be alright with trying. Baby steps!)

    • I have an aversion to navy that I think stems back to being forced to wear a school uniform for years that I could only wear navy with. I also think it washes me out. :p And it sounds like you pull it off, though! I love the idea of throwing a twist on neutrals with stripes and polka dots. 🙂 And, eek, the link didn't work, but I totally know what you mean. And, you can throw color in in small doses! Shoes, bag, bracelet…er…watch?, sunglasses,….bow tie. 🙂

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