I promise, I’ve wanted this bag for a lot longer than just pre-Valentine’s Day, but it seemed like the perfect opportunity to share my object of lust—the Hearts Leather Bag by La Lisette in Bordeaux.

Hearts Leather Bag by La Lisette I really love smaller leather purses with chain straps. And lock-type closures. I like that you can wear them on one shoulder or cross-body. I like that they’re small and elegant.


And, also, the color is beautiful.

Hearts Leather Bag by La Lisette La Lisette also has this in a grey color that is gorgeous. The Etsy shop is on maternity leave, and the shop on her web site lists them both as sold out (though I’m pretty sure they were available on Etsy), but here it is, for reference.

Hearts Leather Bag by La Lisette I honestly am torn between the two. But look at how luscious this leather looks:

Hearts Leather Bag by La Lisette


I know that I always wind up taking along a tote bag with me when I wear a smaller purse, but I am just a sucker for them.

Which color do you prefer? What are you wishing for this week?

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4 comments on “Wishlist Wednesday #21- Hearts Leather Bag by La Lisette”

  1. Ah! That's such a gorgeous, deep red! I know myself and smaller bags and we never really end up working out (which is sad since I have this gorgeous bag I bought second hand from a street vendor while in France), but ugh. That one is lovely!

    • I do often wind up taking a tote bag along, too, but I love smaller bags. And the color. And the chain. And the lock. And the hearts. But secondhand from France is even better!!

    • Isn't it amazing?! I'm just sorry I have to wait to buy it now!

      And greetings from soon-to-be-hit-by-ANOTHER-snow-storm New York! Sigh. I would take rainy Paris right now. 🙂

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