For this Wishlist Wednesday, I’m going with something a little more abstract/theoretical. We all know how much I love my red lipstick, but I’ve yet to nail down the perfect red lip eye makeup.

I know it’s very French to wear red lips with no eye makeup, just mascara, but I feel like my eye shape and features look washed out and dull without both shadow and liner. But then when I use very nude, natural colors, I feel like I need something more.

Then the other night I saw this photo of Olivia Palermo (I don’t even really know who she is or why she’s famous, but she’s gorgeous, has great style, and her boyfriend fiance is a stone fox.)

The perfect red lip eye makeup

My inner narrative upon seeing it: Quelle Parisienne!! I mean, all of it. The stripes. The hair. The delicate features. The winged liner. The red lips. But, look, isn’t she wearing eyeshadow?

Whatever it was, I knew I needed a closer look, so I found out what even it was (Dior show in Paris, unsurprisingly), and found some more.

The perfect red lip eye makeup Still not quite there, but yes, yes she is, and it’s gorgeous.

The perfect red lip eye makeup
Photo source

LOOK AT THAT!! WHAT IS IT?? Taupe? Purple-y grey?

The perfect red lip eye makeup

And look, there’s a shimmery highlight on her brow bone!

The perfect red lip eye makeup But it also disappears and looks like just liner!

The perfect red lip eye makeup It’s magic! Look at it!

But I couldn’t find any information on who did her makeup or what it was. I’m THISCLOSE to putting the photos on my iPad and bringing it with me into MAC or Sephora.

So I’m turning to you all! Come on, some of you are amazing at makeup, what do you think it is? HELP A SISTER OUT. This is all I want this Wednesday!!
What do you think of this look? Do you prefer red lipstick without eye makeup? What are you wishing for this week?

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4 comments on “Wishlist Wednesday #22 – The perfect red lip eye makeup”

  1. Ah! I'm sorry I can't be of any help, but that look is fabulous! Even I would take the time to try that out, which is saying something. I hope you get the help you're looking for, bb! 🙂
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    • Ha, and the post wasn't even about the bag!! I've seen pink and red combinations a lot. That rule has gone out, along with black with navy. 😉

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