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Today I’m introducing you to new additions to my stash—Burberry Pale Barley eyeshadow and By Terry Rouge Terrybly Carnal Attraction lipstick—that totally fall under “The Blogger Made Me Do It,” though it didn’t really take a lot of prompting. And showing you the look I wound up using both of them to achieve.

Burberry Pale Barley and By Terry Carnal Attraction

Burberry Pale Barley and By Terry Carnal Attraction
The only Burberry plaid I’ll ever own!

Kate of gh0stparties wrote rapturous reviews of the Pale Barley eyeshadow, and then when I saw that it was discontinued, I may have spent too much to buy it off of eBay. Whoops. (I did it out of yarn money, though!)

DSC_2030 And Karima of Shameless Fripperies and I share a love of the Rouge Terrybly formula. (In fact she just started writing up her collection of 10!) Seeing her in it didn’t make me want it, because I already did, but reading how much she loved the formula reminded me of the same, and I took the plunge.

Burberry Pale Barley and By Terry Carnal Attraction This is my first foray into Burberry’s beauty line, but I’m quite impressed. Pale Barley is a beautiful shade, evocative of its namesake. It’s a taupe-y golden champagne color that applies velvet smooth and lasts all day (with my primer). It can be super subtle, applied alone, as a wash of shimmer over the eyelid, or it can be beefed up by layering it over something like Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Shadow in Bad to the Bronze.

Burberry Pale Barley and By Terry Carnal Attraction Carnal Attraction is simply stunning. Would I describe it as boysenberry? It’s not as purple as Rebel, it has a bit more red in it, though it is similar. (I know, I know, but it wears so lovely!) Here’s a side-by-side:

Burberry Pale Barley and By Terry Carnal Attraction

I thought the eyeshadow and lipstick would go together and be a great way to show them off. (I did a poor job of capturing the eyeshadow, though.)

Burberry Pale Barley and By Terry Carnal Attraction

Burberry Pale Barley and By Terry Carnal Attraction

Burberry Pale Barley and By Terry Carnal Attraction
This is my face when it’s cold and I’m outside taking photos.

What do you think of my purchases? Have you bought anything lately?

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6 comments on “Mini Haul + FOTD: Burberry Pale Barley and By Terry Carnal Attraction”

  1. i LOVE the color of your lipstick!!!!

    and to reply to your comment on my blog: Actually I do not spend a lot of money in make up etc, but maybe I should?? when i see all the products you use it makes me want to do the same!

    bisous de paris my dear!
    My recent post The challenge

    • Thank you, I love it, too! 🙂 And, no, no, don't! You shouldn't, if you don't already do. 😉 I just meant that since yours is a fashion blog, it's understandable you'd be spending a lot of money on clothing, while it's understandable that I would be spending a lot of money on makeup. But we both should stop, heh.

      By the way, if you'd ever like to do a swap of French and US products, let me know! I don't mean expensive things, but, for example, there's Bourjois lipstick I'd love to try. Things like that. 🙂

      Bises!! xxx

  2. BRAVA!!!

    Ok, that lipstick color looks like it was made specifically FOR YOU. I love it on you even more than Rebel. And as fabulous as you look in red lipstick, this one would definitely give red a run for its money.

    Beautiful eye makeup.

    Btw, the photo of you under the Rebel/Carnal Attraction comparison is incredibly sexy.

    • Oh, thank god, I was expecting you to say you couldn't see a difference! I'm so glad for the affirmation of my crazy purchase. 🙂 Red and this shade are definitely my two favorites for my complexion. 🙂 And thanks for saying that—I thought it was kind of deer in headlights!

    • I know, me too, that's why I'm getting them in while I still can!

      Thank you so much for the comment! I really adore your blog. 🙂

      Shani x

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