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I can finally has Hakuhodo brushes! (Sorry, I promise I’ll never write that way again.) I’ve been lusting after these cult handmade Japanese makeup brushes for a while, and I finally saved up enough money to invest in my first two. Let me show you!

Hakuhodo brushes A note on the service: Amazing. Seriously. I placed my order and already had a shipping notice that same day, with the package actually going out the next day. Despite the crazy weather and terrible mail service of late (deplorable, really), it made its way from California to NY in less than a week.

I only got 2 to start with, but I’m quite excited with my picks.

Hakuhodo brushes J142 Eye Shadow Brush Round
I had really wanted to get the J5523, which everyone says is the MAC 217 only better, but it was sold out. A sign? Perhaps. So I invested in the J142 instead, especially after the rave reviews from Karima of Shameless Fripperies and Temptalia.

I’ve been using a crease brush from Trish McEvoy for yeaaaaaaaaars. Really, back when Trish McEvoy were the gold standard in makeup brushes. It’s still in great condition, but I decided that for that price, I could experiment with another in a different size and hair type.

Hakuhodo brushes
No flash

Kokutan Eye Shadow Brush L
As I mentioned, I’ve been interested in trying my hand at contouring, and I needed a brush to do that. In Karima’s amazing and thorough tutorial, she used this, and I figured it was worth the investment. Maybe now I’ll whittle out some cheekbones for myself!

Hakuhodo brushes Aren’t they pretty?!

Do you have any Hakuhodo brushes? What are your favorite makeup brushes to use?

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    • I promise! It's a deal! I'll teach you about makeup and you can teach me the secrets of Parisian style. I want to go back so badly! I'll have to work on making it happen!

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