You guys, I might be getting old, but I was pretty underwhelmed by Oscar fashion this year! Even the dresses that everyone else loved, even the ones that I liked, I wasn’t blown away by anything. Not really.

I really missed color! And even the dresses in color, I found the designs a bit “meh.” Sigh.

Good thing the show was hilarious enough to cure my disappointment!

BhxWutnCEAAtEQ6 So. The good:


She looks gorgeous, and I love the dress. But there’s NO color. Couldn’t they have put some color on her lips?


Okay, I hate navy, but DEAR LORD she looks gorgeous. And at least it’s A color? I read somewhere it’s a deep berry, but…I also have eyes.


Maybe I’m crazy, but I thought this was stunning. And I would be happy to look like her now, much less at her age.


You WILL disagree with me, but this evokes everything art deco and gorgeousness to me. I just see art deco ironwork or jewelry. I love it. And I love the color on her lips.


Is this blue a drop brighter? Am I just wanting it to be? Either way, Sari Mercer looks stunning.


Again. The art deco glamour.

The undecided:


I know this is probably better than Julie Delpy’s, but I don’t like it as much.


There is no denying that the skirt is glorious, as is the color. But I just don’t think the top does her any favors at all. It could have been fashioned a bit differently, and it would have pulled the whole dress together better for me.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

The back was cool (I couldn’t find a photo), but the front? I’m not sure.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

This almost looks like a mock turtleneck to me. And I don’t like that.


I should love the flapperishness of it, but…

The meh:

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

I know most people loved this, but.. Meh.


I don’t like navy. And I don’t like the cut. Meh.


I KNEW she would come through with color, but the shape. Meh.


Do you have to look good when you have that on your arm? Meh.


At least she has color on her lips, but… Meh.



86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals



She really looks like Elphaba, but… Meh.

ac3c45a0-a263-11e3-a998-ffe9f6d7f5dd_Shepard_Bell Meh.

The bad:

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals WHY?!

And all the rest of the fun!

1fed94e0-a264-11e3-8f55-7fc1b33c97f9_Wilde_SudekisCutest couple?




And just because he should be with me, so at least he can be on my blog.

What did you think of the fashions? I thought Ellen hit it out of the park on the hosting, though. How about you?

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8 comments on “Celebrity Fashion Lust – Oscars Edition”

  1. I actually really like most of these. But Angelina is WAY too young for that dress.

    The way he looked last night made me think that JGL is going to make an even more handsome older gentleman someday (maybe it's just the tux).

    • They were ALRIGHT. But nothing really inspired any great emotion or reaction in me. I feel like the Oscars should be when I see stars in dresses that make me just die inside because I'll never have anything that beautiful, really, just stop and gasp. And I don't think even a single dress did that to me. They were all okay. Nice, I guess.

      I am totally on board with that assessment. You know, since I'll be growing old with him, and all. 😉

  2. My favorite Oscar gowns are always the colorful ones. The white and nude colored dresses bug me because they usually look like like wedding dresses or else they totally wash out the gorgeous woman wearing it. Tara Lipinski looked beautiful, but she also looked like she was getting married. And then for some unknown reason, ladies wearing nude dresses (Cate Blanchett & Jessica Biel in particular) wore barely there makeup also, and they did look washed out. Jeez, this would have been the perfect opportunity for a great red or hot pink lipstick, right?

    I do like the trend of glittery mesh sleeves and tops of dresses. It's something I'm thinking I would like to be part of my future wedding gown. It's kind of funny how very modest so many of the Oscar gowns were. Angelina Jolie's dress was nice and sparkly but the cut was kind of dowdy and matronly (as my mother would say.) Julie Delpy's gown is pretty damn cool. Looks like she stepped out of an Erte painting. You know who also looked Art Deco Fabulous? Lady Gaga!

    I usually love any shade of blue in gowns, and I do love navy. Sandra Bullock always looks good and she has worn blue at awards events before. Amy Adams looked good in blue but the cut of her dress was meh. Sari Mercer looked amazing. Her blue was a lighter navy, maybe leaning more toward cobalt or royal blue. I thought Lupita Nyong'o looked magical, and while I don't personally like the cut to the navel top (channeling American Hustle 70's no bra style), with her body type she was able to pull it off. Now, if someone was a bit puffier on top, a cut to the navel in front gown would start heading toward soft porn status.

    Kate Hudson's dress would have been better without the cape. Jennifer Lawrence looked good, but I am meh on the dress as well.

    Charlize Theron's dress is weird. I don't like the half nude straps.

    • I'm with you. All I saw were nude, pale dresses, and I was like, "SOMEONE, GIVE ME COLOR, WHERE IS JLAW, I KNOW SHE WILL." And then she did, but I didn't like the dress. I mean, really. And for serious, all the nude makeup with the nude dresses, it was just so BLAH. At least Julie and Naomi threw in colored lipstick.

      Yes, seriously, Angie looked like she was dressing as the mother of the bride or something. I'm so glad you also liked Julie's dress! I didn't even notice Gaga's dress because here face and hair were so…Gaga.

      I think Amy Adams pulled those styles off better in American Hustle than Lupita did. Obviously, you can't be huge chested and do that, but there was so much skeleton on view, whereas Amy had curves (and think about JLo in that Grammy's dress). I didn't think it did Lupita any favors.

      The nude straps were so weird!!

    • Oh, good! I'm glad you think so! Purple is my favorite color, so that=okay. Navy reminds me of being forced to wear a school uniform for 12 years, which=yuck. Ha! Was that just for her dress! Because my "Uh oh" came as soon as she started speaking in that deliberate voice. Why does she do that?!

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