It’s no secret I love to travel. And it’s no secret I have a lot of makeup, and travel pretty high maintenance. But the bane of my traveling existence is trying to fit all my makeup brushes into cosmetics bags. I have this ONE brush that is just too long and it’s a struggle every time I travel.

I’ve thought of buying a travel brush kit, but there’s invariably something missing in one that I need. Plus, I’ve invested in high-quality brushes, so why use something inferior while traveling?

So many of my knitting friends have these beautiful rolls to house their knitting needles, and I think it’s high time I invest in a roll for my makeup brushes!

Of course, I turned to Etsy, as I do for all my craft-related needs. I found a few potentials.

Makeup brush roll and pencil roll gift set by CapricaCreations86

Naturally, my top contender is Paris-themed. 😉 The problem with this one is that it’s slightly pricey, maybe because it comes with a pencil roll set, too?

So I kept looking, and found a color combination that I love.

Makeup brush roll by TheGivingTree

Pretty, no?

But I also love this one.

Makeup brush roll by EcoHipCustomDesigns

This one is super retro and I adore the colors. And it’s SO affordable. Next paycheck? (Or should I go with the Paris-themed one…)

What is your problem item while traveling? What do you pack your cosmetics in?

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4 comments on “Wishlist Wednesday #24 – Makeup Brush Roll”

    • I know, right?! Why does it have to be $45?! Sigh.

      Oh, yes, THOSE. I have once in my life limited myself to a carry-on suitcase. For a week in Europe. Let me just say, it was challenging. That bag was busting at the seams. I have never tried again, ha. Just because I know myself so well. But I still utilize the sample jars from Sephora to pack less product when I travel—I used to bring the full-sized items with me everywhere!

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