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Benefit Lollitint It is far from being spring here, but the minute I saw Benefit Lollitint, I knew it had to be mine. I’m not one to fall for the Pantone color of the year stuff, but I just knew that the very cool, purple-y pink would work really well with my complexion.

In fact, I knew it would be the perfect base layer for several other lip products for me, since I don’t have a lot of natural pigment in my lips, and I’ve wanted to skew certain colors towards this shade.

I’m surprised I felt such an urge to buy it, because I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Benetint. I love the way it looks on other people. My friend Ashley gets the most gorgeous, opaque color with it. When I put it on, it always stains patchily, and I always just look like I was eating a cherry popsicle. But in the messy way.

I was hopeful for this, though, and good thing I gave it a shot.

Benefit Lollitint
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Benefit Lollitint

It’s creamier and more opaque than Benetint, and goes on a lot more uniformly since it’s less watery. It doesn’t run off my lips when I apply it, or down my cheeks. It actually blends quite beautifully.

I’ve used it both on my lips and cheeks thus far, and it really provides the perfect purple-toned pink that isn’t too precious at all.

I actually posted a photo wearing it, and a friend of mine commented on my “subdued lips.” (We know I like my bright lips.) I was just wearing it with lip balm, but she said it looked lovely, and I agree!

If you’re like me and had issues with Benetint, rest assured, this formula applies much better. I haven’t tried Posietint or Chachatint to compare (the colors never really spoke to me), but I am enamored of Lollitint. I wish they would come out with the pocket pal version of this, or that I could get my hands on one of the samples sizes, so that I could take it with me in my purse/traveling!

Have you tried Lollitint? Or any of the others?

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