DSC_2192 When you’re wearing a sweater with sleeves that invoke the feeling of old-fashioned royalty, and your office actually has a “tiara of glory” for in-house competition winners, what else are you to do but nab it for a quick photo shoot?

DSC_2191 This is another Primark outfit. Really. Both the sweater and the jumper (American jumper, not British jumper). Add in my old Nine West platforms and my Lili Claspe necklace, and it’s an ensemble fit for a frugal princess!

DSC_2196 DSC_2198 DSC_2201 DSC_2202 My office is a couple of blocks away from Silvercup Studios. I don’t even know what films there anymore. But the crew of Person of Interest is currently shooting in the hallway of our office/warehouse. Literally outside our door. We keep getting thanked for being quiet and doing such a good job. I wish I got such accolades for doing my actual job! (And shouldn’t the cast come in and take some photos with us as a reward??)

Outfit photos by Britt Blake

Would you wear a tiara on a normal day? Do you think I’m doing a good job bringing it back?

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10 comments on “OOTD: We’ll Never Be Royals”

  1. Nice pins 🙂

    I love the photo of you leaning against the traffic light box.

    The tiara is well integrated into your outfit 🙂 Actually, when I first looked at the photos before I even read the text, I actually thought you were wearing that necklace/headband that you got on our Paris trip that you have worn as a headband.

    • What pins??

      Ha, thanks. I loved the backdrop, but I got pretty lost in it, so I'm glad you like it.

      I only felt a tiny bit conspicuous wearing it. Maybe that says something… 😉

      • Pins are legs. I learned that from Becky's friend Philly when she was visiting from London several years ago. What do you think? Is "Nice pins" better than "Nice stems", or vice versa? I don't know. I like the word pins.

  2. This outfit makes your legs look so long! Especially in the long distance photo where you're leaving against the post! Love the shoes too x

    • Thank you! It was so cheap, it's almost criminal. I miss Primark!

      And then you wonder why people say it makes sense that you're a leap year baby? 😉 Ha. Pictures or it didn't happen!

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