March 2014 Sample Society

Well, then. Remember how I gave up Birchbox and decided to try Beauty Bar Sample Society instead? Well, my March 2014 Sample Society box has arrived. Let’s see how that worked out…

Namely, it didn’t.

First off, let’s start with the positive. My box was at my house on the same day that I got my shipment notification. When I logged into my account, it listed it as having been shipped 2 days prior, which means it took 2 days for me to get the notification, but who cares, it felt positive! And 2 days for delivery is great.

March 2014 Sample Society Also, the packaging is quite nice. The box is lovely, and I will probably reuse it for something. The inside was so nicely packaged as well.

March 2014 Sample Society Now, the bad: pretty much everything that was inside. I’m not sure I’ll actually use a single thing.

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging CC Cream
This is a leave-in conditioner. My hair tends towards dry, and I do use a leave-in, but I have one (and now two) that I adore. Maybe I’ll try it once, but unless I wind up looking like this, I probably won’t be using much of this.

Jane Iredale Tantasia Self Tanner 
I never use self-tanner. Full stop. I didn’t even own a bronzer till this year. I know I’m super pale, so maybe I need it, but I am not using this. Even a little bit. (And I had been so excited when I saw “Jane Iredale”!)

March 2014 Sample Society Jane Tran Hair Accessory Assortment
These are cute enough, but I don’t do camo, much less in my hair. MAYBE I’ll use the bobby pin.

MD SolarSciences Evening Repair Serum
I look ten years younger than I am and already have great skin products. So this will probably get passed on to my mom.

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser
Okay, physical exfoliators. I have millions from Birchbox. Will I use this? Maybe. But honestly, probably not.

So, that was kind of a disaster, no?

I thought that I would give it one more chance, so I immediately logged into my account to change my preferences, and couldn’t find anywhere to do that. I knew I filled something out when I registered, but there was nowhere to weak them. So instead I canceled my membership, thinking that I would rejoin and redo them.

I logged in again today and had a prompt to fill out my beauty profile. And now I remember why this was so non-specialized: There are 6 questions about your hair color, skin type, skin shade, age, and things like that, but nothing about what you like to get. I didn’t appreciate that about Birchbox until now. (Not that it worked that well for me…)

So, I have to think about whether or not I’ll try this for one more month. For $15, I can buy something I actually want!

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2 comments on “March 2014 Sample Society Unboxing”

    • I know, I was harboring high hopes! It doesn't help that you really can't customize it as to what items you're interested. I think I may just call it a day when it comes to beauty boxes. (At least for now.)

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