I’ve spoken previously of my love for their products, and today I’m wishing for the newest release: Davines Natural Tech Replumping line.

Davines Natural Tech Replumping

To me “Replumping” sounds like it would be volumizing, and that’s something my poor, fine hair needs. But even more so, this shampoo is sulfate free, which is something I generally try for with shampoos—both because it’s better for curly hair, and because it’s better for color-treated hair.

This is what the company says about this line:

Developed with a focus on formula innovation and the basic principles of the NATURALTECH line: Nature + Man + Technology, a new family of complementary treatments comes to life with the purpose of filling the hair making it more elastic, compact and full-bodied: Replumping.

The effectiveness of Replumping is granted by the presence of ingredients that are unprecedented in haircare: phytoceuticals extracted from plums, rich in polyphenols and flavonoids that carry out an antioxidant action fighting free radicals and cellular ageing, and hyaluronic acid, which draws inspiration from the methodology of “fillers” to restore lost elasticity.

Davines Natural Tech Replumping

The Replumping shampoo gives elasticity, moisturize and protect hair during cleansing.

Davines Natural Tech Replumping


The Replumping conditioner is said to untangle, compact and give hair better elasticity, moisturizing and protecting hair. Hmm…though…compact? Does “replumping” sound like something that would “compact” your hair?

Davines Natural Tech Replumping

The Replumping Hair-Filler Superactive Leave-In is a no-rinse treatment that “compacts, tonifies and replumps hair structure. It gives hair longer lasting hold and excellent anti-humidity effect. Hair looks compact, voluminous and very shiny.”

A-ha! So it compacting and volumizing are not at odds! Sign me up!

Sometimes sulfate-free shampoos leave my hair looking icky. I really wish that I could get samples of these to try, before investing in the full-sized products. But I’ll probably wind up trying them anyway.

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2 comments on “Wishlist Wednesday #26 – Davines Natural Tech Replumping Line”

  1. Davines Replumping Hair products turned out to be great for my hair. Exactly what I needed! I have very thin hair, no volume, no bounce, nothing….just lifeless dull hair. I came across Davines Replumping in my hair salon and tried it and OMG! My hair has never looked so full and shiny. Seriously, it looks like I have twice as much hair as I used to have! Amazing amazing amazing line! Love it. The only problem is that it's pretty hard to find. I ended up ordering it online here: https://www.fashionandbeautystore.com/davines-nat

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