Innarah Skin Care Update 4/9/14: Innarah amazingly sent me full-sized versions of the other items, so I updated the photos. They also sent a product I hadn’t tried before, so I’ll review that separately.

When last we talked about my skin, it was in excellent condition. I must have jinxed it, because shortly after writing that, I started to notice weird, bumpy pimples springing out on my upper cheeks. And a field of zits broke out on my chin and refused to go away (and they weren’t even hormonally induced!). So when someone from Innarah skin care reached out to me about trying some of their products, I knew that I had nothing to lose! (Even though I just keep thinking of Inara!!)

I know that it was just a fluke of proximity, but I received the products the day after they were mailed out. That’s unheard of. And inclined me to feel favorably towards them. BUT, would they live up to these favorable feels?

Yes. Yes they did. I received the products on Friday, started using them Friday night, and by Monday morning, the chin invaders were visibly reduced and even beginning to fade.

Honestly, no one was more surprised than I was. I had been following my fine-tuned care regimen, including my two most recent holy grail products, but they just didn’t seem to be working. (Maybe I declare holy grail status too soon? Isn’t a month long enough?) Whether it’s like the seismic shampoo shift, and your skin just adapts to the products you use, so they’re no longer as effective, I don’t know. But my skin responded immediately to the Innarah products, and it responded well.

Here’s the bottom line on Innarah products from the company itself:

INNARAH™ is the first ever skin care formulation to work in cooperation with skin’s biology. Our products are formulated using a revolutionary fermentation process to combine proprietary blends of unique botanical oils and minerals.

The process allows INNARAH™ products to be easily absorbed, repairing and rejuvenating skin from the inside out. Products begin to work immediately, replenishing moisture, smoothing skin and revealing a healthier, more radiant appearance.

Here’s the rundown of what I got and used:

Treatment Solution
I guess this is their “toner.” It claims to hydrate skin, stimulate skin renewal, and exfoliate dead skin cells. This is a liquid with no scent, and it feels nice and cooling on. I used it with a cotton pad twice a day, per the instruction they sent me. A week later the person at the company told me this is only supposed to be used 2-3 times a week, because it can be drying. I personally did not find it to be so, but I also have been using retinals and acids on my skin for years, so I guess it’s used to it.

Line Smoothing Treatment Sérum
This was the crowning jewel of the products I received, having been sent a very generous full-sized bottle. This product claims to repair and protect skin from environmental challenges, combat chronological aging, dramatically firm and tone the skin, brighten skin instantly, and smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles. These are all good things.

Innarah Skin Care Once the Treatment Solution absorbed, I used this all over my face and on my neck. I was told that I could use this under my eyes, too, so I did. It’s not as liquid as I was expecting, and feels slightly tacky and dries on your hands pretty quickly, but I still let it absorb on my skin before going on to the next step, and it feels perfectly fine. I don’t know if it brightened my skin instantly, but it definitely had a glow by Wednesday. Right after I put on my base products (lightly!), I looked at my skin, and it just looked so NICE.

Because zits, I still used my Effaclar Duo, but skipped out on my other products. At first. You’ll see. I also got sent 2 different moisturizer samples.

JO² Compound Hyper-Oxygenated Crème
This first one was described in the instruction sheet as the nighttime moisturizer. Among the key benefits that interested me, were that it’s supposed to brighten and even skin tone, as well as reduce the appearance of dark spots due to sun exposure, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. It’s actually called a “clarifying moisturizer.”

Innarah Skin Care

This definitely resembles its name of “hyper-oxygenated.” It’s a very spongy, fluffy cream in the pot—it honestly almost looks like churned butter—and though I was afraid that it was too thick or heavy, and that it would break me out, it left my skin feeling very nice once it absorbed. And using this at night, and waking up in the morning to see my chin visibly improved, it makes you a believer.

VenoDefense™ Treatment Crème Hydrating Treatment Crème
This product sounds like a science experiment! The VenoDefense™ line is a proprietary complex of anti-inflammatory ingredients that mimic the effects of snake venom and smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles instantly and helps repair damage over time. It says it’s ultra rich and hydrating, and has anti-inflammatory effects, shields skin from the damaging effects of environmental aggressors and UV damage, delays the aging of essential skin cells, instantly smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brightens skin, and reduces redness.

Innarah Skin Care

Those are a lot of claims for a moisturizer, and I was a bit skeptical, in general. This is the day moisturizer, and it also looks pretty thick, and I was afraid it was going to be way too much for my oily skin. Especially during the day. My skin has felt a little sensitive lately, from being battered and beaten by the ridiculously cold air and wind we’ve been suffering through this winter, so I figured I would try it anyway. It feels really nice on the skin, like it’s being quenched. And much to my extreme shock, I got as oily with this as I did with my “mattifying” moisturizer. (Not TOO oily, but you know what I mean.) I can’t promise it does all that, but I have been very happy with it.

Defense Masque Oxygenating Masque
This was the last product I received, and I used it once weekly. It seems pretty standard, with that earthy, clay-like smell so many masks have. This was the only product with any kind of scent, and it wasn’t an added “nice” scent.

Innarah Skin Care

Now here’s where things get interesting. I decided in order to really fully test it out, I would use this regimen on half my face, and my regular regimen, with the Line Smoothing Treatment Serum in place of Good Genes, on the other half. The verdict, however, is inconclusive. I did get a couple of pimples on the non-Innarah side, and may have cheated with some JO² Compound to help clear them up, but then I got some (hormonal) pimples on my other cheek, so who can say? I’ve now just begun integrating my Clarins Oil into this regimen, in addition to the Effaclar Duo, and my skin hasn’t looked this good…since the last time I wrote about it.

I feel extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity to try these products. I don’t think I’d be able to afford them, otherwise. If you followed the links, you probably winced at the prices. I know that my jaw definitely dropped when I saw the price sheet. (I’m going to have to start hoarding my samples when they start to show a dent! I wish I had got sent one of their eye creams to try, but that’s one less thing to want to buy.)

I would probably forego other products and splurge on the Line Smoothing Treatment Serum and the JO² Compound, but they’d definitely be things I had to save up and budget for. But I honestly think they’re worth it. (At least I do now. Ask me in a month. But at least I now have these in my arsenal for when I cycle back around to this in my skin care because whatever I have to use afterwards stops working!)

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Disclosure: I was sent the products featured above for review purposes. I did not receive any form of compensation for this review, and the opinions expressed above are all mine and 100% honest. For more information, check out my full disclosure policy.


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  1. Skincare is such an uphill battle! I've found my 'splurge brand' as well that seems to clear everything up (Omorovicza… same shocking price tags… I just stay away from their moisturizers and serums and swap in the slightly less expensive Antipodes!).
    I hope that this continues to work for you… and that you find a mixture of high and low products that works for you. 'Cause let's face it, buying everything from a super high end retailer just isn't feasible!
    My recent post My Lipstick Purchasing Habits + A Dior Dupe

    • I just hate that my skin gets as complacent as my body with a diet!! Ha. I'll have to go back and read your Antipodes reviews and maybe I can supplement!

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